Monday, 24 August 2015



How are you guys doing? I am fine if you'd ask. Yesterday, me and my college housemates decided to go out for a bowling tournament. Since it is a casual outing, I've took all of these items and wore it to the bowling alley. Some of the clothes were from a local instagram shop, Rated Apparel and others were from Cotton On, Forever 21, Uniqlo & Puma.

As for the outfit, I think I'd call this the almost-Monochromatic-outfit because I didn't wear my black jeans. Hahaha. Here's the story, my beloved black stretchable jeans has been worn out so I've decided to buy a new one. Probably just a basic black jeans. Maybe this week, I'll come down to my favourite city to go shopping, Kuala Lumpur, to hunt down a few black jeans (and maybe some clothes too!)

Anyway, what do you think about my outfit? Hope that this will give you inspiration to dress casually for any occasion (especially if you're a plus-sized male, because I considered myself as one).

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Have a nice day!

I'm wearing :

Cap : Cotton On
T- Shirt : Rated Apparel
Denim Jacket : Forever 21
Bracelets : H&M , Local
Watch : Seiko
Jeans : Uniqlo
Sneakers : Puma

Photo credits : Ayuni Ahmad Shukor (@omgidekwho)

Edited through : VSCOcam


  1. Hi eyman! I like what u wore. And i like the fact that u're confident enough to be urself and dress up as how u wish. I mean not all guys have the guts to do that, it might look easy on other people, but i personally think that some guys hide their true identity due to fear of criticisms. But u somehow continue to just be urself regardless of what other people think of u. 🙆

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  3. Such a great photos up there man! Sadly so few of man fashion bloggers existing in the web. Especially STILL blogging a lot of them went to the Instagram or Facebook blogging. I think it’s silly but apparently their income has a different opinion. As for the look, it’s awesome as usual! Keep up with that and please don’t defect to the side of Instagram, I beg you man. Also, feel free to check out paperovernight, or don’t, that is for you to decide. =)



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