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How are you guys doing ? If you'd ask me, I've just finished handling an event in my college by now. as for this post, I want to carry all of you, my precious readers, away from my fashion talk/outfit-of-the-post kind of post. As for today, I want to share with you guys about all the things that I've been obsessed throughout the month of August (it is still not too late to talk about August favourites, right?)

For the first category, I'll be talking about my favourite tracks or playlist that I've been listening throughout the month of August.

Have you ever heard about a singer named Halsey? No? Neither did I. A few weeks back, I've discovered her through the Vevo's Youtube Channel. There were 2 songs from her new album, Badlands, that I have been uhbsessed listening to. Keep in mind that both of these songs have been on replay in my iPhone's Music app.

The first song is New Americana. The first time I heard it, I fell in love right away! The slow, dark-enchanting vibe that the song possessed has definitely got my ears stuck. Basically, the song portrays that everyone in the nation has come together as a new nation, or as what Halsey chanted, We are the New Americana. Eventhough the lyrics emphasized on Marijuana, Balenciaga, James Dean and some other sexual or I'd rather say it as a very explicit references, the lyrics itself contains a very deep social message behind the explicit usage of words. I am recommending you to listen to the song.

Next is also a song from Halsey, taken from her new album, Badlands and it is called Roman HolidayI haven't made any research for the lyrics but what really got my ear stuck with the song is that the melody of the song, the vibrant vibe that the song conveys, it is as if I'm high on Valium (i don't even know if that really made sense). Yes, you should really listen to the song.

The very next song is from my idol, Demi Lovato. If you haven't heard from the news, Demi has released a new single called Cool For The Summer and it has been my go-to jam. Literally! I have been listening to the song almost every single night, sometimes when I am heading to class, I'll tune into the song and put the volume as maximum as possible (I really enjoy listening to songs in maximum volume because I think it is a way for me to get into the song).

Basically, Cool For The Summer is a seducing, sexy song where lyrically, Demi intends to flirt with a person, to taste the cherry and yes, I don't want to get into the lyrics stuff too deep since it is a very explicit song. Why don't you go and listen to it? Or maybe watch the music video?

Lastly, my favourite song for August is a major throwback song. Let me tell you, I've listened to this particular song for more than 7000 times (there's proof in my iTunes) but the excitement to listen to this song has never changed. The song is Heart Attack by Demi Lovato! I can really relate to that song because,well, I am putting my defenses up because I don't wanna fall in love. If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack (see what I did there? Quoting the lyrics hehehe)

Let's carry on to the next category, Favourite Clothing Item.

As for the month of August, I've been using my Black Denim Jacket that I bought from Forever 21 which was on sale. If you followed my Instagram (link is in the side bar), I've posted a picture of the jacket. Well, if you'd noticed that from my previous Outfit posts, I've styled most of the outfit with the black denim jacket and yes, that is the jacket that I am talking about! Why am I obsessed with it? I don't really know but I am sure that I am obsessed with the colour of the jacket (Black is my soul, literally) and also the smell of the jacket. Let me tell you, it has this very distinct smell where it literally smelled like gun powder.

Moving on to my favourite movie. As for August, I am in love again with The Vow. I've watched the movie for more than 8 times already but every single time I watched it, it was like I am watching the movie for the first time! I really like the plot of the movie where it carries you away from the typical romance movies and instead of being all lovey dovey, the movie shows you that how a husband can sacrifice everything in order to win his wife back (his wife was injured at the brain which causes some memory loss and she doesn't remember about her husband at all). If none of you guys have watched it, please please please go and watch it. I bet that you'll cry somewhere in the movie.


So there you go, all of my favourites through the month of August. How about you let me know what are your favourites in the comment section below? I would love to read from you guys.

Anyways, I hope you guys will have a great day ahead and hey, STAY REBELLIOUS (i am trying to figure out what is my tagline)

Friday, 11 September 2015

Monthly Favourites : August

Hello, how are you? I am quite busy with my college's event so I'm trying to steal some of my time to write just for you guys to read.

For this post, I can't provide my own picture since I did not own any Bomber jacket. So all the photos were taken from Pinterest.

Bomber Jacket is a complimentary piece of clothing that will add the sense of elegance and style. If you are into minimalistic fashion where you tend to wear basic white shirt with your beige chinos, then adding a bomber jacket into your clothing collection will enhance your sense of style in fashion.

Bomber jacket is a timeless piece of clothing. It is suitable to wear in almost any occasion in any four seasons in a year. When going out for a date at night, you can bring along your bomber jacket in case if the night gets too cold and your girlfriend forgets to bring her trench coat or maybe if the day is getting darker and it is going to rain sooner or later, you can wear your bomber jacket so that it can keep you warm.

The materials of bomber jacket are varied, it depends on which store you're going. Some might produce a leather bomber jacket, some might produce linen bomber jacket or maybe a satin bomber jacket and like I said, it varied. Choosing the right bomber jacket is vital because who wants to buy something that would not last long? As for me, I am currently looking for a black bomber jacket and the place that I am eyeing for the jackets are H&M, Mango, Forever 21, Pull & Bear, Uniqlo Topman.

As for the price, it also depends on which store you're looking. For the cheapest Bomber Jacket, you can try and look at H&M as they offer the lowest price with the best quality of clothing. If you're looking from a high end store, you can try searching at Topman, Blackbarret, Coach, Burberry & some other high end fashion outlets. While on the other hand, if you're the kind of person who love to save your money, you can always try and look at thrift stores because sometimes they tend to have vintage bomber jacket that is still in a very good quality.

How about the colour? If you'd ask me, I would go on either Black Bomber jacket or a Red Bomber jacket. It depends on your colour palette. Like me, my colour palette revolves around Black, Navy, Red, Maroon, Beige, Leather Brown & Pure White. All you have to do is do your research on which colour belongs in your colour palette so that in the future, it could save some of your time, not only to buy a bomber jacket, but also to save your time on buying other clothes.

Let's look how some people style their bomber jacket.

*photo from Pinterest*

Wearing over a simple white tee with a blue jeans that has been cuffed above the ankle. This totally increased the elegance but yet simple look for your outfit.

*photo from Pinterest*

Wearing a Blue Bomber Jacket over your all-Black outfit has totally add that sense of minimalistic. Wearing Chelsea Boots as your footwear has actually turned the look from being all-too-minimalistic to minimal-and-vintage outfit.

*photo from Pinterest*

 As for a sporty look, wearing a bomber jacket over your basic tees and pair it with a jogger pants has definitely enhance the outfit.

Now, if you want to enhance your closet, try to bear in mind that having a bomber jacket will eventually enhance your clothes and also your closet.

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead. Do visit all my social media, links are in the side bar.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Menswear : Bomber


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