Friday, 18 September 2015


Hello, how are you guys doing? As for this week, I've just finished a lot of my mid semester exams and I am finally going to have a week break before sitting for my final exams. Hectic? Yeah, I believe so.

As for this week, I am quite lazy to dress up nicely so when a friend of mine invited me to go for an outing, I immediately thought that it would be good to wear proper attire so that I can snap some pictures to show it to you guys. Thus, I've gathered some of the clothes that I've rarely wear.

I've got something to tell you guys, I've created my very first Lookbook account! You can click the link to view my Lookbook and hey, follow me on my Lookbook account? It would be nice for you to do so :)

Oh yes, I think this is the first post that I've fully debuted my new haircut. Yes, I've got my sides trimmed and yes, I still style my hair as the way before because I don't think my face suits other hair style but I'll try soon!

Here are all the items that I wore in the photos:

Basic Dark Grey Tee : Uniqlo
Black Acid Wash Shirt : Padini
Black Slim Fit Jeans : H&M
Brown Work Boots : Firetrap
Watch : Seiko
Dreamer Wristband : Rated Apparel
Lokai Inspired : Local thrift store
Dirty White Bracelet : H&M

Photo taken by Amira Syakira (@mieraculous)

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