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H&M Ipoh Opening Day

29th October 2015.

I woke up at 6.30 in the morning and took my bath as usual. It was a very exciting day for me since I am going for the opening of the first H&M outlet in Ipoh. Me, my sister and Fikri who is a friend of mine went for the opening early in the morning. Frankly, the journey to Aeon Klebang is quite far. It took me around 20 minutes to arrive at the mall. We arrived at 8am.

I parked my car in front of the main entrance of the mall, which also happens to be the H&M's main entrance. When I stepped into the mall, there were already some people lining up for the opening. I thought that we were among the 150 people but when we received our number tag, surprisingly, we were among the 50 early birds.

During the lucky draw, my luck was behind me. I didn't win any lucky draw drawn by the host of the event but I don't mind, as long as I got my RM50 voucher, I am fine with it. In case you didn't know, there were 3 prizes for the lucky draw which were RM100 Voucher, RM200 Voucher and RM500 Voucher.

The experience of lining up for an opening is quite exciting. There were loads of people when the clock strikes 9. Well, Since we were one of the earliest, we got bored easily. I started playing some video games while listening to Demi Lovato's Confident album while waiting in line.

I Snapchatted some videos and pictures just to kill some time.

When the clock strikes 10, it is official. The first H&M outlet has open for good. When I first stepped into the store, the vibe was different. I didn't feel like I was in Ipoh, I felt like I was in Kuala Lumpur instead. I roamed around in the Men's Section with Fikri, searching for some clothes to try. I grabbed some t-shirts, jeans, shirts, joggers, sweatshirts and many more along the way. Funny thing was, me & Fikri was the first person to ever hit their dressing room.

I helped Fikri on choosing his new jeans and gave him some styling tips while choosing his clothes. While I was busy searching for my clothes, my sister thought that sweatshirts would be her new clothes in her wardrobe so she got two different sweatshirts and put it into her shopping bag.

Surprisingly, me and Fikri only went into the dressing room for only 2 times, something unusual for me by the way. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to snap some mirror selfie because I was so focused on finding the clothes I need. I'll show you guys what I bought from the opening event.

Before we went in line to pay for our clothes, all 3 of us took 2 bags each, full of used clothes that I brought from home and donated to H&M. In return, we got 2 15% Discount vouchers for each one of us. Thank god, I managed to save my cash up to RM80 from the opening because I used the RM50 voucher and used both of my 15% Discount card.

Let's delve into what I bought from the store.

Basically, I bought three different items which are the Black cap, a new Black Slim Fit Jeans and also a new White Button-Ups.

The total cost for all the items were actually RM198 but after deducting all the vouchers I've used, I only paid for RM118, which for me, is a great deal.

The first item, the Black Cap.

I have been looking for the H&M's plain black cap for a long long time. I always go on their app and screenshotted this particular cap but whenever I go into the H&M outlets in Kuala Lumpur, none of them seems to be available. When I went to the Accessories section in the Men's Section, I saw the black cap and quickly grab it before anyone else could. Fortunately, this was the only black cap available in the store so even though my luck was not there for the lucky draw prize, I am glad that this time, I manage to grab this black cap. This particular black cap costs me RM24.90.

The next item is a White Button-Ups. When I was in college, I realised that I have no white button-ups. If you didn't know, white button-ups is a basic necessities for Men to have in their wardrobe. When I saw these button-ups, I took it and try it right away. I was happy that this button-ups is an easy iron item so it makes ironing easier for me. This button-ups are also available with different other colours. This particular button-ups costs me RM49.90. I used my 15% Discount card on this item, thus it's RM42.40.

The last item that I bought was this Black Slim Fit Jeans. I actually have this one already but this time, I tried on a one size smaller than my usual size. When I tried it on, it fits me perfectly so I put it in my shopping bag. As for this one, the price was RM119 but after I used my 15% Discount card, the price was reduced to RM101.15.

The total price for all the items were RM193.8, after deducting my 15% Discount cards and also my RM50 voucher, I paid for RM118.45. A HUGE DEAL RIGHT?

Well, my advice is that if there's a new H&M store going to be opening soon in your are, mark your calendar, and attend the event. YOU'LL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY FOR YOUR PURCHASE.

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Thank you for reading. See you in my next article, soon!

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