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How To : Minimal

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Before you continue reading this, I am not a fashion expert but what you're going to read is all the things that I know on how to style yourself as minimal as possible.

Pop quiz: What is minimal?

Often people think minimal is just wearing something simple. For instance, a plain white tees with a blue jeans and slippers. Well, that is called Simple not Minimal. Yes, you are wearing a minimal amount of clothes but the look will be all sloppy and it will look untidy. What Minimal really means is that you pair up your clothes with the similar colour tones.

Main question is, how to style yourself minimal? Minimalistic style comes with different kinds of perspective. Some say that wearing Monochromatic outfit is already Minimal, some say otherwise. But everything depends on your way of styling your clothes.

First, all you have to have is a clothes that is plain and clean. Wear something bright with the same colour tones. Adding an item that holds an opposite colour of your major clothes will add the elegance of your outfit. For instance the picture below, the model wear a brown sweater with a beige stripes in the middle added up with a simple yet clean beige trousers. To spice the outfit, the model wears a black pair of shoes.

Next step is layering. Once you've chosen your clothes to wear, choose a staple piece that will enhance your outfit. It could be a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, a trench coat or anything that works with you. The layering piece or as I call, Third Layer, doesn't necessarily need to be the same colour as all your clothes that you're going to wear. Wearing something that is bright and vibrant will eventually adds the taste of elegance.

The model above has incorporate cream with red velvet. Well, you can taste the sweetness of the outfit, right? Just look at how minimal his outfit is. As I've told, wear something that is bright and vibrant - like that moto jacket. The outfit looks perfect with the moto jacket rather than looking dull.

If you're the person who loves to incorporate prints with your outfit, then, worry no more. Any print can be paired up to make a minimal outfit as long as the colour sticks to the same colour palette. For instance, if you have a dark floral shirt, you can pair it with a plain black slim fit trousers. In case if you want to spice up the outfit, try putting on a coat over your dark floral shirt. As for shoes, try to go for a more darker colour.

As for the outfit above, the model paired up a black grid shirt with a black slim fit trousers. The slim fit trousers add the silhouette to your legs and it makes you look slimmer. In case if the weather is quite cold or windy, wearing a third layer  is a good move.

Imagine this, tomorrow, you're going to have a big interview for a job that you applied, probably in a fashion magazine as an editor so what are you going to wear so that you can impress all the interviewers? The first thing that you should know is that you should wear something that will impress everyone else without being too exaggerating with your clothes.

Look at the outfit above. It is simply minimal without putting too much effort even though it incorporates with a few different colour tones in an outfit. If you're wondering, accessories play an important role in enhancing your outfit. As for the model above, wearing a sunglasses has added the sophisticated look to the outfit itself and yes, it helps to guard your eyes with all the UV rays projected by the Sun.

What if you're a teenager and you wanna try to wear a Minimal outfit during your outing? Well, if you're the kind of guy who loves wearing sporty outfit, then incorporating black and grey is a perfect choice! For instance, the model below is wearing a dark grey beanie with a black hoodie. As for the pants, pairing up a grey sweatpants is a good move - especially when the sweatpants has been distressed on the knees.

Lastly, if you're the kind of guy who loves to rock a blazer, then you'd probably want to wear a basic tee under your blazer. Pair the top with a skinny jeans so that your outfit will look a bit grungy but still has the essence of Minimal. If you think that that's too boring, try wearing a wide brim Fedora as an accessory. It will definitely complete your look effortlessly.

For an example, the model above wore an all black outfit. The outfit was spiced up with a wide brim fedora. The distressing on the skinny jeans has enhanced the look to be more grungy but yet still holds the Minimal effects to it.

There are definitely a lot of ways to style yourself minimally even if it means that you're going to incorporate with different tones of colours within an outfit. Nothing could go wrong if you love to try and explore your own style. Believe me, it's not that hard to be a Minimalist. But bear in mind that everything has its own limitation. Putting too much prints would go wrong as it is distracting to everyone. Wearing too much layer sometimes could go wrong too if the colour doesn't match. But everything is worth a try.

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