Sunday, 1 November 2015

Monthly Favourites : October

Hey guys, what's up?

For this article, I am going to show you guys all the things that I have been loving throughout the month of October. Basically, October is the month where my head will start to spin around as I put my focus on my final examination but that doesn't stop me from doing all the things that I love such as writing an article for this blog and also wear myself some comfortable and presentable clothes.

Let's wrap October with all of the things that I have been loving. Let's start off with my Hair Product.

During the whole past month, I have been using the Safi Olive Oil on my hair. I sometimes use it before I go to class/exams or I use it before I go to bed. This hair product is so good for your hair as it protects your hair from the weather. Well, if the weather is too sunny, the Olive oil will protect your hair from being too dry. Vice versa. Not only that, the aroma of the Olive oil is so calming. I definitely recommend you guys to try out the Olive oil treatment for your hair. It doesn't necessarily needs to be from Safi. Whatever brand that produces Olive oil treatment for your hair, give it a go. Believe me, it helps.

As for Clothing Items, I have been loving my Black Denim Shirt by Pull&Bear that I bought at One Utama Shopping Mall. I have nothing much to say here but honestly, the quality of the fabric of the denim shirt is unbelieveable. The fabric is quite heavy as it is a denim shirt. I don't really have a Black denim shirt so when I bought this one, I fell in love right away. I have been wearing this shirt to every exam that I sit.

The next item is the 'FREE' Sweatshirt by Padini. The quality of the sweatshirt is a-ok. Not that bad and not that good. The sole reason I love this sweatshirt is that I don't really wear sweatshirts whenever I go out so when I bought this sweatshirt, I feel good. It feel comfortable wearing the sweatshirt especially when the weather is not being nice to me.

The last clothing item that I have been loving throughout October is the Black Denim Jeans that I bought from H&M. I love how it is 45% stretchable because it will grab my legs and hey, it feels so comfortable wearing this jeans. It has a tapered cut on the ankle so it does not give you the silhouette of wearing a skinny jeans which for me, I like it very much. I will definitely buy another one soon (which I already did if you read my previous article)

Next category is Accessories. The items that I have been loving are the Lokai-inspired Bracelet that I bought from a local store in my town and also the Grid Minimal Watch that I bought online from Zalora.

As you can see in most of my OOTD article, I have been wearing the bracelet quite a lot. The main reason that I always grab the bracelet whenever I go out is that it's in black. I LOVE BLACK! Well, I can't really find anyone who sells a Lokai bracelet so when I found this one, I quickly buy it without any hesitation. Plus, it fits all of my outfit.

I bought the Grid Watch a long long time ago. That was the time when I was so in love with Grids printing. Be it on shirt, watch, iPhone casings, I LOVE GRIDS. Well, it was quite a cheap watch. I still think that it is still available in Zalora. Guys, if you want to get a 15% off from the items that you buy from Zalora, kindly insert my discount code which is ' ZBAPQSC9 ' upon checking out. Thank me later!

The last category is Footwear. As you all know, in one of my previous article, I told you guys that I bought a new sneakers so this is the sneakers. This is my first time ever buying a white sneakers. For me, I like how it is a leather sneakers so it will be an easy thing to if I want to wash all the dirt off from the sneakers. This is a sneakers from the brand Reebok. I feel comfortable wearing it as it grabs my feet thoroughly. One thing that makes me grab this sneakers is that the sole is a gumsole and it makes the colour of the gumsole pops out. This sneakers are also available in a Black version.

That's it for today guys, I hope you guys enjoy all the things that I write. If you wanna find me somewhere else, you guys can check me out through my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. All the links are available in the side bar.

See you guys next time!


  1. love the jumpers and shoes xoxox

  2. My beloved Pull&Bear! I really like only two things in my life - AcadWrite and Pull&Bear clothes :) which reminds me to go look if they have something new for me to buy! thank you for posting!



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