Monday, 5 October 2015

Monthly Favourites : September

Well hello! How are you guys doing? As I am writing this post, I am currently having my final exams so I am quite busy with my studies and sleep (because we need enough sleep so that our brain can function well during exams). As for this week, I'm showing you guys all of my favourites for the past month of September.

Well, let's hop into my first category which is hairstyling. This month, I've been using this particular clay from Uber Men and it's the Uber Men 3D Matte Clay. Why have I been using it? I've found that wearing clay to style your hair will make your hair looks fantastically classy with its Matte effect. One particular thing that I love about this clay is that it's semi-waterproof. Imagine wearing a clay for a whole day and when you get into the shower, it's hard to take off all the clay from your hair (I've had that experience before so that's why I changed my hair clay). Other than that, this hair clay gives out this soothing fragrance. It smells a bit of charcoal (since it's grey in colour) with a tiny bit mix of Lemon. It doesn't gives out that strong smell, though.

Next category is Music. So for the month of September, I've been listening to Troye Sivan's new album, Wild. My favourite tracks from his album are WILD FOOLS and EASE (feat. Broods). If you didn't know who Troye Sivan is, then let me explain a little bit about him. Troye Sivan is an Australian Youtuber. He makes song covers and talks about lifestyle. He is also an advocate in the LGBT Community. Basically, his sound of music is alternative but not the Lana Del Rey's version of alternative, instead, it's his own version of alternative. Why don't you check out all of his songs? Oh yes, currently he has 2 music videos out from his Wild album which are WILD and FOOLS.

I don't think I am loving anything from my wardrobe but there's this one particular footwear that I've been loving throughout September and it's my first ever boots!

Yes, You've probably seen this boots in my previous post. If you haven't read it, go and read it now you silly. Anyways, I got this boots as a birthday gift from my dad (I told him that I want to buy a pair of boots and he got me as a birthday gift!). The boots are from a UK clothing brand, Firetrap. The original price was RM659 (i guess) but apparently, my dad managed to get it for only RM269! The things that I am obsessed with this boots is that the leather. The leather feels surreal. It is a high quality leather and upon wearing them, it feels comfortable. As you might know, some boots might feel a little bit off while wearing them but let me assure you that this Firetrap boots feels awesome!

Next and the very last item that has been my favourite since I first bought is a scented candle, Black Teakwood by Bath & Body Works. I bought it when I had my daytrip to Kuala Lumpur last August. When I walked into the Bath & Body Works outlet in Nu Sentral, I was in awe. All of the candles there smells so good. When I first entered, I had no specific candles in my mind to buy so I had to ask the promoter to help me. As I was sniffing almost all of the candles, I found this Black Teakwood very special. It has this very distinct aroma, a very woody and have that a squeeze of lemon fragrance. It's quite different from the others. As I am writing this, my scented candle is probably at home in my room. Sadly, there's probably 15% left so I have to use it wisely before I make another purchase.

Those are the items that I am obsessed for this month. I don't think I have anything else that I am obsessed with. If any of you guys have any suggestions on anything that I should try, leave a comment down there in the comment box. In case if you guys want to connect with me apart from reading this blog, you guys can check me out in my social medias. All the links are in the side bar.

Before I go, tell me, what are your favourites?

See you guys next week!

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