Sunday, 25 October 2015


Hello guys!

How are you guys doing? I am fine if you'd ask. Currently, I am having my semester break for a month and a half so I have a lot of time to write some stuffs for you guys, my fellow & loyal readers to read in the future. As for today, it was raining outside but heck it, I went out with my sister for a photoshoot. Basically, we went to our one and only Ipoh Railway Station to have these pictures taken.

Recently, I am quite active using a new app that I just installed in my phone called Periscope. If you didn't know what Periscope is, it's an app where you'll go online either to watch other people around the world, livestreaming of what they're doing or you go online and livestream and talk about anything you want. There's definitely a lot of audience from around the globe.

I went on Periscope to talk about fashion tips for both guys and girls (even though I mainly talk about Menswear). While I was Periscoping, there was this one guy named Daniel (if you're reading this, thank you for asking!) asked me on what motivates me to dress presentable everyday.

Here's the answer (because I didn't get the chance to answer his question through Periscope because he went offline).

Every single day, I wake up and think of what am I going to do today. Then, once I've decided what I am going to do be it going to the bank or going for some grocery shopping, I'll start thinking about my outfit. What should I wear? The only thing that makes me feel motivated to dress presentable every single day is the feeling of being confident and comfortable in the clothes that I wear.

Let's take a look on what I am wearing today :

  • Round Rose Gold Speckies : Thrifted

  • Floral Shirt : Cotton On

  • Denim Jacket : Forever 21

  • Watch : Seiko

  • Bracelets : Zalora

  • Black Jeans : H&M

  • Socks : Forever 21

  • Sneakers : Reebok

I have a great news for you guys. Okay here we go, as you can see, I am wearing that cool dirty brown bracelets from Zalora and they are kind enough to give me a discount code for you guys. So what you gotta do is head down to Zalora and use this discount code ' ZBAPQSC9 ' upon checking out. You'll get a 15% discount off from the original price.

You can thank me later, hurry up, use the discount code guys!

I am excited for next Thursday (29 Oct 2015) for the opening of the FIRST H&M in my town, Ipoh! InsyaAllah, I'll update you guys about the opening and what I'll buy during the opening of the store.

As for this outfit, I was so inspired by the H&M x Jane Chuck photoshoot. If you didn't know who Jane Chuck is, she's a fashion/lifestyle blogger from my home country, Malaysia.

Basically, in her photoshoot, she incorporated prints for her outfits. Most of the prints were floral-ish so I've decided to rock on with my dark floral shirt by Cotton On and pair it up with my black jeans from H&M. Who says that guys can't get inspiration from female's outfit? I know, I know, I've been rocking my black jeans for almost every single OOTD post but well, I feel comfortable in it.

If you notice, I've did some changes on my hair. Yes, I've trimmed down the sides of my hair. At first, I cringed because I think I don't look good in it but after 2 sessions of Periscoping, the audience who watched me livestreaming gave me a few compliments on my hair so I was quite relieved by that.

Having my sides looking like it is almost shaved is quite hard, honestly speaking. I usually spend 5 minutes on my hair, styling it with my hair clay, combing it to the right style I want but this time, I took a lot more time and effort for this hair. Recently, I've spent almost 15 minutes combing for the right look for my hair. It's hard but well, I have to put a good amount of effort to make myself comfortable and presentable, am I right?

For all the photos you've seen above :

  • Photographer : Ayna Balqis 

  • Edited through : FacetuneSnapseed VSCOcam

  • VSCO Preset : SE3 (+6)

That's about it for this post. Hopefully you guys will take anything from me as your inspiration. If you want to see me in my other social medias, the links will be in the side bar. Yes, I update my Instagram every single day. I tweet a lot. I pinned new pictures in my Pinterest a lot. Yes, follow me on Periscope, it would be just @eymnasyrf and you'll find me talking about tips on fashion and style for both guys and girls.

See you guys next week!

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