Sunday, 18 October 2015


Hello guys, how are you doing? As for me, I am preparing myself for my semester break. It's good to be home after a long semester of compressing 6 different subject into one brain. Tiring much.

Anyway, last Tuesday, me and my friends went out to Ipoh after our killer subject's paper (it was Financial Accounting's Paper). Apparently, after my FAR160 (Financial Accounting 2) paper, I have this huge 6 days gap before my next paper which is LAW240 (Introduction to Commercial Law). I'm not going to touch on those subjects but during our outing, all of us went to a lot of places which includes Ipoh Parade, Kinta City Mall, Polo Ground & my house. As usual, whenever I go out with my friends or my sister, I'll always have this one session where either my friends or my sister will spend 30 minutes of taking my picture or as you all know, OOTD.

For today's OOTD, I braved myself to wear a knitted printed crewneck Sweatshirt that I bought at Padini Concept Store. The sweatshirt was so comfortable and it helps me to retain my body temperature because it was raining outside when we were hanging out. If you are wondering, the sweatshirt says 'FREE' at the front. The sweatshirt has this speckle effect on it. Before I bought it, I was contemplating on buying a navy blue or a cream white sweatshirt but as my friend, Amira reckons on buying the cream white, I didn't think of anything and paid.

Let's see what I wore during the outing.

  • Rose Gold Round Spectacles : Thrifted

  • 'Free' Sweatshirt : Padini Concept Store

  • Black Denim Jacket : Forever 21

  • Black Jeans : H&M

  • Watch : Seiko

  • Bracelets : Cotton On & H&M

  • iPhone Casing : Ted Baker (gifted)

  • Shoes : Reebok CL Leather

I have a story to share with you guys regarding my new shoes that I bought from Royal Sporting House. Honestly, I haven't bought any new quality sneakers for almost a year and a half already. If you've noticed in my previous OOTD's, I always wear my black Puma Faas, right? Well, that was my favourite shoe. Last month, I asked about some sneakers to my roommate, Umar (he's a sneakerhead & I'm going to have an interview with him soon so stay tuned to this blog, will ya?) and he showed me a picture from Instagram about this particular Reebok shoes. I was intrigued with the Black version of the shoe but apparently, Umar told me that it was out of stock. So I've decided to find a sneakers from other brand. I went to Adidas and I was quickly drawn to the Adidas Originals Tubular Running Weave but it was quite expensive for me. I tried the shoes on and it was so comfortable so I told myself that I would save my money for the sneakers.

As for during the outing, I did not plan on buying any shoes but when I arrived at Kinta City Shopping Mall, I walked to the Royal Sporting House store. My friend, Asyraf was quickly drawn to the Reebok shoes. I cringed at first because I don't like a white shoe but heck it, I tried it on. I consulted Asyraf, Amira and also the shoe promoter, all of them agreed on white rather than Black. Asyraf told me that White pops out rather than Black. Thus, I took the shoes and paid.

Pictures taken by : Amira (@mieraculous) & Ayuni (@omgidekwho)

Edited through : Facetune, Snapseed & VSCOcam

VSCO Preset : SE3

A quick review of the outfit, wearing white was a huge deal for me because it would show all the flaws I have on my body but eventually, I faced my own flaws and wear the sweatshirt. Honestly, the weather was windy during the day and it rained during the night so this outfit fits with the weather. It kept me warm throughout the day. The purpose of cuffing my sweatshirt along with my denim jacket was so that it will show my watch and also my bracelets. Additionally, it adds the silhouette as if my jacket is a sheepskin jacket. I put on the spectacles because I thought why not? The shoes matched my outfit perfectly.

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