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How are you guys holding up? I am fine if you'd ask.

I have no interest in buying a biker jacket until yesterday. Here how the story goes. Balmain released their collaboration with H&M last Thursday which was on 5th November 2015. I knew about the collaboration months before its release so I started to dig up some of the designs. I am impressed with Olivier Rousteing, the Creative Director of Balmain Paris. The collection has its own blast from the past intersected with the hint of the future. It is a futuristic yet classic collection. I started to look at the models who wore the Biker jacket and soon, I was obsessed with Biker jacket. I started saving up my money to buy a cheap Biker jacket. Thus, I've come up with another article with the new biker jacket that I bought recently.

Finding a ready-made biker jacket is quite hard for me because some of the biker jacket is out of stock. I went to H&M, the size was too small for me. I went to Pull&Bear, the size was extremely big for me instead. I was in Nu Sentral in Kuala Lumpur, wandering around some clothing outlets that has a possibility of selling a biker jacket. I didn't know why, when I saw Burton Menswear, I quickly stepped into the store and started to mingle around with the clothes. After a few minutes, I saw the biker jacket and quickly grab it to try. It fits me perfectly. Okay, maybe not that perfect but it fits me well. I hesistated on buying because the price was quite high but heck it, I paid for it.

Let's see what I'm wearing in today's OOTD

  • Sunnies : Lunaket Store (Instagram)

  • Sweatshirt : Padini

  • Biker Jacket : Burton Menswear

  • Watch : Seiko

  • Jeans : H&M

  • Sneakers : Reebok

What? Hot? I knew you would ask. Well, if you wanna know, I wear my third layer (jackets,coats,parkas,etc) whenever I am going to the mall. Yes, Malaysia's weather is Summer 365 days all year long but that doesn't mean that I can't wear something that keeps me warm. Actually, I enjoy wearing those stuffs a lot because it enhances my style and boosts my confidence. If you'd ask me a year before, I would never dare to wear a biker jacket or a denim jacket but now, I find the enjoyment of wearing it. Some of my friends complimented me on my style and it definitely boosts my confidence. What's wrong with being confident, aite?

Photo taken by Ayna Balqis.

Edited through Facetune VSCOcam.

VSCO Preset used was SE3.

So, what did you think about this outfit? If you have any enquiries, you can leave it in the comment box below. I hope that you guys found any inspirations for your outfit from mine. If you wanna see more of me, follow me on my InstagramTwitterPinterest and Snapchat. All the link is in the sidebar and as for Snapchat, my username is 'eymnasyrf'. Add me, aite?

Stay confident.

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