Friday, 20 November 2015


My mind still couldn't comprehend on how fast November went. I feel like it was just yesterday that I had finished my exams. Now, we're already in 3/4 of November. As you can see, I am still playing around with my biker jacket because I am obsessed with it so much. If you'd ask me, I would say this is the second staple piece that I've gotten by my own savings and maybe that's probably why I love this jacket so much. 

I was talking to my best friend the other day about how this obsession towards biker jacket has totally took over my body. I caught myself the other day scrolling through the list of jackets from Asos, Esprit, PULL&BEAR and AllSaints. Not only that, I even saved some of the pictures so that I can see it again later on without opening the website. I just couldn't resist it. I don't even know why. HELP!

Just to reduce my obsession, I've decided to go out with my sister on last Sunday. The main purpose was to buy my favourite magazine, August Man, but before going out, I brought along my DSLR in case if the weather is not that bad so that probably my sister can take some pictures of me. Yes, I don't have any photographer friends. 

An hour before I went out, I found myself contemplating to choose which shirt to wear. It was between a plain white button ups from H&M and this grey acid wash shirt that I bought from Padini. Since I was wearing my dark grey t-shirt, I grab my grey acid wash shirt and wore it. 

To me, this was the first time that I couldn't decide on what to wear. I knew that I was going to wear a plain black jeans but the top was so hard to choose. I don't really wanna wear something bright that would eventually tone down my biker jacket. Then, I took my boots and wore it. That's it, I'm not going to choose anything else for my shoes. 

This time, I told myself not to play too much with accessories. I didn't wear any bracelets like I would usually do. The only accessories I took along with me was my aviators and my watch. Just a simple and clean accessories that will spice up the outfit. 

From head to toe : Aviators Padini, Shirt Padini, Biker Jacket Burton Menswear, Watch Seiko, Jeans H&M, Boots Firetrap.

Someone asked me, " don't you feel hot wearing the biker jacket? I mean, the weather here is so hot and humid " and for those who are in the same bandwagon as my friend here, let me tell you something about me. If you ever see me wearing a biker jacket or any jacket in general, it only happens in the picture. Reality is, it is hot but over the past few months, I've managed to overcome the heat. If you're wondering, the only time I'll wear a jacket is either windy or it's-gonna-rain-soon weather , or at night, or if I am going to the mall. I can say that some shopping mall in my town is quite low in temperature so I'd rather wear something that will keep me warm than freezing myself to death, rhetorically. 

What do you guys think about this outfit? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.

Anyway, I am selling some of my clothes online at this one app called Carousell. If any of you guys are interested, the link is at the side bar right there. Check it out :)


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