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Favourite Pieces from #HMBALMAINATION

On 5th November 2015, Balmain has launched their collaboration with H&M worldwide. I believe that millions of high fashion enthusiast was waiting for that date as they want grab everything they can while stocks are available. In Malaysia, thousands of people lined up in two main H&M Outlets which are H&M Lot 10 and H&M Avenue K. I was on Twitter the night before the launching of the collection in Malaysia, I saw thousands of people lined up and through the pictures I see, I can see that the clothing items will be all gone within the first hour of the launch.

As for today, it is still not too late for me to show you guys what I think grabbed my attention from the #HMBALMAINATION Collection. Here are the 5 items that caught my attention when I reviewed them before the launch.


When I first saw these Jacquard-knit Cotton Jumper, I fell in love. But when I take a look at it for the second time, my unconscious mind suddenly gave me a knock. Yes, I saw these jumper before in an interview. I believe it was an interview with Olivier Rousteing, the Creative Director of Balmain, in Balmain's first flagship store in London. 

What I really like about this jumper is that the metallic button on the left shoulder. Apart from that, the design itself speaks. Just look at the black & white design, it looks futuristic but yet it still holds the formal and also casual touch.


I would wear the jumper under an outer wear, maybe.... a Biker Jacket or a Denim Jacket. This one is easy for me to style with because I am a person who wears a lot of black & white so I'll pair this jumper with my black jeans. To maintain the monochrome look, I'll wear my Reebok Classic Leather sneakers as its finishing touch.


This Cotton Shirt with Epaulettes is one of my favourites. When I saw these, I knew how I could wear it. The major detail that made me starstruck is the details on the epaulettes. If you didn't know what epaullete is, it's the strap on your shoulder. This piece reminds me of the Army. This shirt looks totally minimal especially when the button is invisible, it creates the effortless tough look. One last thing, the gold button on the chest pocket enhances the Olive green colour of the shirt.


For this one, I would wear a white basic tee underneath the shirt. I'll leave a few button on the chest open so that it creates the effortless yet minimal look to my outfit. I would wear a skinny jeans or maybe a black slim fit jeans. To finish up the look, I'll wear my Black Puma Faas and wear my Aviator to protect my eyes.


If you think that this leather jacket costs a fortune, think again. With the bombastic gold embroidery across the chest, the arms and the wrist, this one is totally cheap for a designer collection. The gold details of the zipper on the jacket has create the expensive look for this piece. The details on the torso of the jacket has isolate this particular piece from any other pieces available. The detail is very subtle that from far, it looks invisible. One thing that transform this jacket from being too minimal to a very tough-looking jacket is the Lion embroidery. I am totally impressed with the design.


Since it's an outer wear, I will wear a simple White button ups. If I am going for a formal event, wearing a black tie would be preferable. Then, I will definitely wear my black jeans so that the embroidery will stand out. To finish up the look, I'll pair it up with a pair of working boots and wear my round rose gold spectacles. It will be classic!


The thing about Malaysia is that the weather is so hot so it's hard for Malaysians to wear any leather or faux leather biker jacket. Finally, a Cotton Biker Jacket comes in the #HMBALMAINATION Collection. This one will definitely enhances anyone's outfit. If you're a person like me, I would definitely buy this item because I won't go out and about without my jacket. The functionality of this jacket is very suitable in Malaysia's weather. As for the design, it is similar to the Leather Biker Jacket except for the colour. The main attraction from this jacket is that the material of the fabric. 


This one is a lightweight outer wear I presume. To bring my outfit for a more casual look rather than looking all grungy and tough, I'll wear something floral underneath the jacket. The floral may be a shirt or a t-shirt but for the colour, it may revolve between white florals or anything that is not that feminine so that I can still maintain the masculine look to the outfit.

For my pants, I would wear a white jeans. It will create the minimal look to the outfit. To finish up the outfit, I'll pair it up with a black derby shoes or a winged tip brogues. Before going out, I'll wear my Aviators.



Finally, I found my last favourite item from the collection which is this Patent Leather Boots. What I like about this boots is that the strap on the higher top of the boots. This item looks very minimal but with the shiny patent leather, it will make the boots boosts your outfit. This one is very suitable for anyone who loves going out with a grungy and tough look.


Since the purpose of wearing this boots is to make the boots pops out from my outfit, I would wear a simple plain dark grey tee or a black tee as my top. A skinny jeans would go well with this boots. Maybe a dark blue skinny jeans? Just to enhance my minimal outfit, I would wear a Black Nixon watch with a few black bracelets on my other wrist. Lastly, I'll grab my Aviators.

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