Wednesday, 2 December 2015


November has ended a few days back, which leaves me in a shock. It is almost the end of 2015. I felt like it was just a few days back when I first celebrated my New Year. How time flies so fast...

During the whole month of November, I've gathered 10 songs with different genres. All of these songs were my obsession throughout November.

Starting off, I am currently still obsessed with The Neighbourhood's R.I.P 2 My Youth after watching TheLineUp Menswear November Favourites video in youtube. Both TheLineUp and TheLineUp Menswear are two of my favourite youtube channel that revolves around style and fashion. Why don't you guys check them out?

I've always thought that Here by Alessia Cara is a good song that didn't sound like she was singing at all. It was as if she was talking to someone. Believe me, you should listen to the song. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

Old Ways by Demi Lovato is currently my favourite from here new album, CONFIDENT. I really like how the song started off so quickly with the very seducing and rhythmic music. My favourite line from this song is 'It was fun playing with knives until the blade stuck in the left side of my chest' VERY MEANINGFUL.

I heard Elle King's Ex's & Oh's through the radio a few times before I decided to download it. It is very rare for me to download a song that I heard from the radio. Usually, I'll just download the song that I think I like but this time, I broke my own pact. Honestly, this song is a very catchy one with the very western-ish music that has been spiced up with a very subtle pop rhythm.

Growing Up by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is a song that makes you think about your life for a minute. It reminds you to your parents who sacrificed a lot of things just to make you live comfortably. It reminds you to the time when you were scared to ask a girl to the prom but you asked her eventually and she said yes. You face your fears. To add an aesthetic to the song, they featured Ed Sheeran in the song itself.

This song by Sia entitled Alive is a song that I always tuned in to whenever I'm working out in the gym. It gives me the spirit to not give up. I just love when she sang the part ' I'm still breathing '. This is a song that's good for you to hear whenever you're upset over something. Go and listen to this song if you haven't already.

The Feelings by Justin Bieber featuring Halsey is the only song that I love to listen in his new album. I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber but this song is just an aesthetic. It is so relatable to my previous relationships. Just look at this line ' Am I in love with you or am I in love with the feeling? ' You feel me now?

I just love how the song Drive by Halsey starts off with the sound of the lights blinking for four times. I don't think that it's the sound of the lights blinking but I just think that it is cool. Please, if you don't think that she's a good singer, need I remind you that every performer is special in their own way. I do think that she has a very unique voice. I reckon all of you to listen to this song.

Let's spice things up with a twist of difference for my November's Playlist. Yes, I do listen to Kpop songs and personally, I think that this song has a huge subtle meaning behind it. Honestly, I was influenced by my sister because she played this song on replay in her room. Believe me, she played it loudly that even I can hear it from my room. You should give If You Do by Got7 a try.

To tie the knot, I was obsessed with Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan. The music video is a perfect one! Hey guys, he has a unique voice too! If you ever listen to this song, let me know what do you think about it :)

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