Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2016 Wishlist

Every time a year pass by , most of us will jot down a new wishlist which consists of things that we look forward to purchase or receive it as a gift in that particular year. So far for 2015, most of my wishlist has been granted and so here goes all - just a part of the whole list - of the things I want to purchase or get as a present in this year.

1. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Perfume

Just last December, I purchased my first ever perfume from the Men's fragrance section ( I used to purchase the Women's ) which was the Versace Eros. I am loving it until today and plan on purchasing another one. When I went to Pavillion last Sunday, I was drawn to Viktor & Rolf's Spice Bomb Perfume as I entered Sephora. I tested the perfume on my skin and it smells lovely. I am looking forward to purchase this perfume somewhere in this year. 

2. Davidoff The Game Perfume

As I was testing V&R Spicebomb, the salesperson recommended me Davidoff's The Game Perfume. When I sniffed at the paper that the salesperson gave to me after she sprayed the perfume onto it, I was mesmerized by how it smells very masculine yet with a touch of femininity just like how Versace Eros smells like. 

3. Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren

Since the first two mentioned is an Eau De Toilette Perfume, I tried looking for an Eau De Parfum perfume because I want the scent to last long when I spray it on. The friendly salesperson suggested me Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren because it has an EDP composition. I sprayed the perfume on my neck and on my shirt and guess what, it lasted all night long. I am looking forward to purchase this perfume as soon as I get my hands on the Spicebomb.

4. Leather Biker Jacket

I am still in the biker jacket bandwagon. For the half year of 2015, I spent myself some time looking for the 'right' leather biker jacket. I know that I have two different biker jacket but this time, I want to invest in a genuine leather jacket rather than a faux leather ( a.k.a polyurethane leather ). The one that I'm looking for must be a detailed item where it has a quilted section around the shoulder and the hardware must be in silver not black matte. Currently, the one that caught my eyes was from Asos. 

5. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G Lens

I have been thinking on purchasing a second hand lens for my Nikon D5100 and I did purchased one but unfortunately the lens was not compatible to my DSLR. As for now, I put this lens as a priority because whenever I'm going to write an article, I will need to shoot a quality picture. Thus, I believe by having this lens will enhance my photography skills.

6. Tom Ford Polarised Sunglasses

I remembered last year when I was doing my casual windowshopping, I stumbled upon this Tom Ford Sunglasses. I tried it on and it definitely looks good on me. I am looking forward to buy a new sunglasses in general - it doesn't have to be this particular Tom Ford. I think I'm building my own sunglasses collection. 

7. Dr. Marten's Boots

I brought this particular wish from last year since I didn't acquire this pair of boots. I did manage to cop a pair of boots from the brand Firetrap and it was in dark brown. I still love those boots because it was a gift from my dad. As for this year, I will definitely save my money to buy this boots.

8. Bifold Wallet

This is a need! Around December last year, I changed my wallet from my Timberland wallet ( a gift from my dad ) to my old Louis Vuitton wallet ( dad got it as a gift and gave it to me ). That moment, I realised that I needed a new wallet as my current LV wallet is breaking out slowly. The wallet doesn't have to be from any luxury brand as long as it could last for a few years, then I am fine with it. One thing that I dislike about my LV wallet is that it doesn't have any coin pouch. All in all, I still love my LV wallet.

9. Raf Simons x Adidas Sneakers

I may be a little bit out of trend but I really wanted a new pair of black sneakers. I am eyeing on a pair of Raf Simons x Adidas sneakers but it's quite hard to find one since there aren't any available in Malaysia ( I guess so ) Just last year I bought a pair of white sneakers and I am loving it so much but I know that I needed a black sneakers. I'll probably buy one - it doesn't have to be the Raf Simons one

Tell me your wishlist down in the comment section below! I would love to know :)

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