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A Day In My Life : The Catch Up Sesh

16th January 2016

Exactly at 9.33am, my train to Sentral Kuala Lumpur departured from Tapah Road Station. After around 4 months since I hangout with my dearest friend, Fadhil Bakrie, we came to an agreement to meet today. Since I didn't get enough sleep, I sleep throughout the whole journey from Tapah to Kuala Lumpur.

As soon as I arrived at Sentral Kuala Lumpur, I went to purchase a ticket to Putrajaya Sentral as we agreed to meet there. He was going to pick me up there that day. After arriving to Putrajaya Sentral , I waited at the waiting are until he called me. Then right after he came to pick me up, we shoot our way to the IOI City Mall. 

The actual plan was to go to Alamanda Putrajaya first before going to IOI City Mall but I've decided not to waste my time thus I told him to just go to IOI instead of the first mentioned.

Upon arriving at the mall, my tummy growled. I told Fadhil that I wanted to try the 'famous' Boat Noodle Restaurant. While making our way to the restaurant, we kinda talked about my journey from my college to Sentral Kuala Lumpur. 

We sat down at the table given and started to skim through the menu. I was in puzzle, why do I have to eat a lot of bowls of noodles? Why can't I just order one and eat? Fadhil then told me that the quantity of the noodle in a bowl is so little that you're not gonna be satisfy with eating only one bowl.

After our lunch, we went outside of the mall. I was so eager to take some photos so that I can upload it on my blog. I managed to snap a few decent pictures.

Just after that, we went to Sangkaya to eat their famous signature Coconut Ice cream. I order the Cha-Yen Signature Ice cream while Fadhil ordered the coconut one. Basically, Cha-Yen Ice Cream is a tea-flavoured ice cream which is totally my favourite.

Just look at Fadhil, enjoying his ice cream.

The weather that day was undoubtedly sunny but as the time pass by, rain started to drop that evening. Both of us were so tired that evening so we stroll around the outside of the mall. We managed to find a spot for us to lay down and rest for a while. While we were laying down on the fake grass, we talked about our favourites which mainly revolves around music, hobbies and life.

Fadhil is a student who's currently pursuing Engineering in UniKL in Gombak. He told me about all the science part of Engineering and I managed to annoy him about all the geeky stuff in Accounting.

We went into H&M. This was his first time being my victim of trying all the clothes. I literally took a lot of clothes ranging from shirts to sweatshirts. He sighed and smiled. Despite that, I did gave him a free lesson on finding clothes for him.

Just before this picture, he was covering his face because he was shy.

Fadhil was playing my phone while I was busy snapping photos of him

We went into some other clothing stores but I didn't have any interest on their clothes. Fadhil told me that he was searching for a sleeveless hoodie thus we went into Cotton On. I found a few sleeveless hoodie which I thought looks good on him but apparently 'S' size is too big for him.

" I am confident wearing any sleeveless clothes " 

What do you think of him in the sleeveless hoodie?

Before we went back, I went into Uniqlo to buy a basic tee. He was trying different kinds of shirts but none of them fits him because the size was big for him. Just before we went out from the fitting room, I pull him into the room and we took a mirror selfie. So typical of me.

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