Saturday, 9 January 2016

H&M Limited Edition Buttercream Dream Body Mist Review

The first step I took upon entering Madinah's H&M, I was drawn to their Beauty section. I guess for a Malaysian like me who always go to H&M, it is a rare thing to see that H&M has their own Beauty section because in Malaysia, we don't have it. Or maybe coming soon? We'll see about that.

The beauty section consists a lot of things ranging from lipsticks to face masks but the only thing that caught my eye was the body mists. There are 4 different body mists available in H&M Madinah but when I first tried this Buttercream Dream, I fell in love instantly.

The scent reminds me of Victoria's Secret Ultimate Flirt Body Mist which I have been using since earlier in 2015. The scent that I recognize is Vanilla. That was the similarity between this one with the Victoria's Secret Ultimate Flirt.

In terms of price, we all have to agree that Victoria's Secret can be considered as a high end product yet affordable. As for H&M, when I took a peek at the price tag, I was surprised. The price for this product is SR39 which is around RM43 in Malaysia. For a 160ml body mist, this can be considered as a cheap item. Thus, I paid for it.

I have been using this body mist for almost 3 weeks since I first bought it. I love how it smells, unfortunately, it does not last that long. I am a guy who solely depends on my body mist to keep myself aromatic and for this one, I had to spray 3 times a day to keep myself smells nice all day long. Comparing to Victoria's Secret, I only had to spray twice a day. 

For the past weeks, I left the body mist on my table where I put all of my fragrance and beauty products. I noticed that the body mist started to evaporate inside the container. It is kind of weird because with all of my Victoria's Secret body mist, I have never encountered this problem before. I took a wild guess that the product probably contain a lot of water that makes it evaporate inside the container. That's one of the downside of this product.

After that, I notice that whenever I use this body mist, the quantity of the liquid starts to reduce in a drastic rate. For instance, I pump 4 times when I sprayed on my body and I repeat this method for 3 times a day. After 3 days, I noticed that the quantity has been reduced for about 1/10 of the whole container. When I was using Victoria's Secret Body Mist, the changes of the quantity was unnoticeable. 

Lastly, the scent of the alcohol is too strong after I sprayed on my body and also on my neck. The first hour, it irritates the skin on my neck. I know that most of the perfume I use do irritates my skin but it soothes minutes after that but not for this product. 

Overall review, I like this product because of the scent but the probability for me to repurchase this product might be low. First, this product irritates my skin and the alcohol scent is quite strong for a body mist. Second, this product is not available in my country.

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  1. Great post! I passed by the H&M in Madinah but never went in, lol I didn't know H&M had a beauty section either!

    1. Thanks Liyana. Oh yeah, they do have a beauty section but only in selected countries. And for this Body Mist, it's only available at H&M Madinah :)

  2. Do you still have this mist? Can i buy it from you?



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