Wednesday, 20 January 2016

January Haul

Last Sunday, I went to Pavillion Kuala Lumpur and KLCC just to have some casual time of my own. I honestly did not expect to find some things that I would be interested to buy. The main mission was to find a scented candle that I've bought previously from Bath & Body Works.

The first place I went was Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. Before I went inside, I stopped by at Lot 10. I went inside H&M and strolled around the Men's section. Nothing really caught my eyes. When I was trying to find for a formal shirt, I stumble upon the Green shirt. Believe me, I am confused with the colour, I'm not sure whether it's Khaki Green or Olive Green. The thing I like about that shirt is the quality of the fabric. As for the price, it was RM79.90.

Just after I paid for the shirt, I walked into Zara which is located just next to H&M. Let me tell you, whenever I walk into Zara, I always sense that their salesperson are judgmental because there was this one salesperson who looked all over me with an attitude. Enough with that, I walked to the jacket section. Honestly, I didn't expect to buy this jacket because I myself didn't expect to rock this jacket because of the colour. If you're following my Instagram, you might see the latest picture where I took a mirror selfie in the fitting room. I do think that I can rock this jacket in different more styles thus I paid for this one. 

Thank god that this jacket was on sale. Originally it was RM499 but when I bought it, it was RM199.90.

Right after that, I made my way to Pavillion KL but before I even reach there, I went into Uniqlo to cop their basic crewneck tee in Black. I don't really have a lot from Uniqlo but one thing for sure is that I love their basic tee. For the Black Basic Crewneck tee, the price was RM19.90.

The first store I went into when I got into Pavillion KL was Forever 21 but nothing really caught my eyes so I walked away. I went into PULL&BEAR with no expectation. I don't have anything else to buy because in my mind, I was sure that I have everything I needed. Just as before I went out, I came across the Smoked Dark Grey Denim Shirt and that was the last item on the rack. I grabbed it and try it on. It looks good on me so I paid. The original price was RM119.90 but when I purchased it, it was RM49.90. 

After that, I walked myself to KLCC - it was not that far though because they build this interconnecting bridge between KLCC & Pavillion KL. The first shop I went into was of course Bath & Body Works because that was the main plan. I stepped inside and asked the salesperson for Black Teakwood Scented candle. 
The salesperson was a guy and he told me that I was lucky because that was the last stock for the scented candle that I wanted. I quickly grabbed it and put it on the counter. Just before I pay, I mingled around the Hand Sanitizer section, I grabbed 2 hand sanitizers, one for me and one for my best friend and I paid all of it. The scented candle was on sale. The original price was RM113 if I'm not mistaken but when I paid for it, it was RM52. As for the hand sanitizers, it was RM10 each. I believe that it's worth the price.

P/s: tell me in the comment section below whether do you want me to write a review on Black Teakwood Scented Candle by Bath & Body Works ?

Since this is a haul article, I would like to insert a perfume that I bought a day before New Year. I bought the most anticipated men's fragrance by Versace. Honestly, I consider this as my first ever purchase from a luxury brand even though for the price, it was not that expensive for a perfume. I watched a lot of reviews on youtube about Versace Eros and most of them liked it. Until today, I am still using it twice a day and I'm looking forward to buy another one from another brand. Believe me, I will repurchase Versace Eros. 

Just before I went back home, I stopped by at MyNews(dot)Com to buy the latest issue of AugustMan, my favourite magazine. I read it through the whole journey from Central Kuala Lumpur Station until I reached home.

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  1. Pavillion is SUCH a huge mall, it intimidates me haha! Sounds like you got some really great buys!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

    1. Hey, YEAH IT IS. But I managed to walk around the whole mall. But of course, there are a lot of luxury brands there which intimidates me. I did! I spent less than I thought I would . I read you Skincare Essentials and it was very informative *thumbs up emoji*



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