Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Menswear Inspiration : Fedora February

One of my obsessions throughout January was to wear my fedora that I bought over at H&M. Initially, it was for an outfit I created in my mind but as time goes on, the fedora played a huge role. I went out with friends wearing that. It gives a little vintage touch to the whole outfit.

After playing around Lookbook.nu , I've found some of the outfit that I love. Let's go one by one.

This monochrome outfit will never be perfect without the fedora. Geraint Donovan-Bowen mixed both formal and casual vibe through this outfit. The geometrical patterns on his sweatshirt makes the outfit feel more fun and funky. Just to still make this outfit "work appropriate", he wore a blazer over his sweatshirt. What I like about this outfit is that the different kinds of texture of fabrics applied onto this outfit; leather, denim, cotton. 

I would call this outfit as " running errands and late but I still wanna look fabulous " look. The combination of different shades of blue makes the outfit feel more neutral. By adding the fedora, Thanh Truong's outfit looked as if you just came back from a long holiday in Hawaii; but you just came back from buying groceries. The white henley shirt goes well with the ocean blue joggers. This outfit would be more tropical with a shades on. Did I mention that he wore a pyjama coat and not a trench coat? 

NEUTRALS! This outfit looks casual. You don't really have to wear fancy jackets or fancy boots to look effortlessly stylish, just look at Andy Jackson's outfit. He wore a basic white tee along with an olive trousers, cuffed over the ankles. The fedora, WOW, I didn't expect that earthy colours could go well with Olives and whites. Just to add the spice to the outfit, he tied a white shirt around his waist.

The first time I looked at Joel McLoughlin's outfit, I was in awe. The outfit looked preppy and boyish. Just look at how the fedora transformed the outfit from one vibe to another. Look at the distressed black denim shorts, it makes the outfit look casually grungy. This cashmere jumper goes well with the outfit making it look monochrome. I would go for this look one day.

GRUNGY. That's the first word that pops in my mind when I saw this outfit. Butch Cervantes really knows how to add the punk vibe into his outfit; wearing a skull printed tee with a leather jacket over his tee. The red plaid shirt tied around his waist pops out from his monochrome outfit. How about the fedora? It locks the outfit, making the look to be casually punk. The stud details on his boots boost the punk vibe in his outfit. I would totally go for this look one day, or maybe I did? 

What do you think about the outfits? Tell me what inspires you for your outfit.

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