Saturday, 27 February 2016

My Current Go-To Sunglasses Collection

Of all the accessories, sunglasses have been a huge part of my outfit for the day. I have never thought that sunglasses could give a big impact towards my outfit. Certain times, I received compliments due to the sunglasses that I wore in an outfit which is good to start off a conversation. Let's go down the hill on my current go-to sunglasses.


For my face shape, I had to say that not all sunglasses suit my face shape but when I first tried it on at the thrift store, I fell in love instantly. Apparently, the first one was scratched on the glass so I bought another one. Earlier when I didn't have that much of a collection, I often grab this Ray Ban Wayfarer and my outfit will be perfect.


When I tried this round glasses, I knew it would make my outfit more classic. No one, not even me, expected that round glasses would give an extra spice to my outfit. So far, I grab this glasses if I'm going to run some errands. Oh, this is not a prescription glasses. 


Just before I went for Makkah to perform my Umrah, my dad gave me this sunglasses as a gift. Funny thing is, 4 years ago, my dad gave me a pair of sunglasses before Umrah too! Unfortunately, I misplaced that sunglasses somewhere in my room in Malaysia. If you'd ask me personally, I think that the design of this sunglasses are very unique. It is lightweight and it fits my face. This sunglasses is from the brand Maikenluo.


I encountered this flat aviators when I was hanging out with my friends at my favourite spot, Plan B Ipoh. At first, I hesitated to buy on this one because there was a round sunglasses with a blue reflective lenses which I was looking for but after my friends convinced me that this flat aviators worth more, I paid and left the store immediately. What I like about this flat aviator is that it is not an opaque sunglasses, it has a translucent lenses which teases whoever are looking at you.


Can I say that this is my first luxury sunglasses I ever purchased? I am in love with the colour of the lenses. It's in brown which differs from all the sunglasses that I have because most of them are in black. I bought this off at Carousell for a portion of the actual price and this is from Dior Homme.

There goes all my go to sunglasses. Tell me which of the five is your favourite.


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