Friday, 12 February 2016

Of Denim & Hoodie

Hello, how are you guys holding up? I'm fine right here. As for this post, I gathered some items from my closet to show to you guys on how I style myself with them. Despite going out to take some OOTD pictures, I had to run some errands and I had my dinner with my sister and my little cousin (her picture will be somewhere in the post). Yes, I forgot to adjust my sunglasses before taking this picture. I mean, the picture below.

White Cap COTTON ON // Sunglasses DIOR HOMME // Hoodie UNIQLO // Denim Jacket SEED // Watch SEIKO // Rings MAKKAH // Jeans H&M //  Socks FOREVER21 // Shoes JJ MASTINI

I layered myself with a Black Hoodie from Uniqlo along with a Denim Jacket from Seed. Funny thing is, the hoodie is actually the Limited Edition Star Wars Hoodie which has Chewbacca's face printed on the chest and also the classic Star Wars logo printed at the sleeves. 

I wanted to dive into the streetwear trend but at the same time, I want the look to represent me. I remembered obsessing over denim jackets that I bought 3 different denim jackets. Thank god that now I'm way over that obsession. 

A quick update, for the month of February and March (probably April too), I'll be quite busy with college works and studies. I have a lot of events to manage and I probably won't have much time to focus on my blog. After all, education and soft skills are vital in life to survive, right? 

Awh, look how cute Raisha is. Yes, she's my 5 year-old cousin.


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