Saturday, 6 February 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

Buying gifts was always a challenge for everyone. You have this blank white space in your mind when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for you special someone. Guess what? It is February and what do we have in February? Yes, Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner but you still haven't got any ideas to give a gift for your man? Well, let me give you some ideas on what to get for your boyfriend ( or husband! ).

1. Minimal Watches

When it comes to staple piece or accessory, minimal watches play a huge role as it is an investment for a man. The price might be a splurge but the longevity of the quality is the highlights that we should gravitate towards. 

This minimal Gold rim watch with a dark brown strap from Nixon is a good piece for you to invest for your man. Not only it can match with formal outfit, it can also worn in both formal and casual outfits. Believe me, that watch will be a conversation starter for your man with his colleague.

2. Sunglasses

If your man travels a lot for work, why not buy him a pair of sunglasses? Who says only women invest in sunglasses? Men do too! Often men wears an aviator or the square-shaped sunglasses but once in a while, they can spice up the entire look by wearing a round sunglasses. 

As for sunglasses, I picked the Dior Black Tie 143S  since it has a very unique design to it. Quite an urban "steampunk" look. But then again, this sunglasses are suitable for formal attire too. It gives that hint of urban in the classic formal outfit, just a something a lil' different from your day-to-day sunglasses.

3. Men Pouch a.k.a Man Purse

Whenever you go for a date with your man, does he brings a lot of stuffs ? Then, this Man Pouch is a good gift for him. What? He'll look like a woman? Get your stereotypes off and think about the benefits instead. Bringing a pouch saves a lot of space in his pocket. He'll put his phone, wallet, car keys and some other relatable things inside, thus, why not?

I chose the Louis Vuitton Man Pouch because it has the authentic ‘LV’ Damier design on it while making your man looking more masculine. Not only that, the checkered black and dark grey is a good colour for all outfit for all occasions.

4. Neck Tie

I believe that all men wear neck ties to work. To me, Neck Tie is an essential in men’s wardrobe. If your man hasn’t change his tie for quite a period of time, buy him a new one. Believe me, in a workplace, one of the conversation starter is “ where did you bought that tie? Looks good on you”. Buy him a good pair of ties so that he can change in between time.

I randomly selected Versace Neck Tie because out of all the luxury brand’s neck tie, Versace’s design gives an extra spice to the outfit. The classic Versace’s aesthetic; Black and Gold along with the Medusa head design on it. Match this tie with an all-black outfit to work and your man is set to go.

5. Trench Coat

One of the staple outerwear piece is a trench coat that has been a trend since forever. If you’re living in Asia, you’ll probably wondering why does your man need a trench coat while the weather is Summer all year long, right ? Let me tell you why.

 Trench coat doesn’t necessarily needs to be thick so that it could keep you warm. There are different kinds of fabrics used to produce a trench coat. The effect of wearing a trench coat is that your man will look more professional. This is suitable when attending an interview or meeting a client.

If you want to invest in a trench coat for your man, I’d suggest to buy a lighter and earthy tones of colours such as Camel Brown. A darker shade can do too! Before you make your purchase, make sure to check the quality of the fabrics.

6. Minimal Wallet

A wallet is a man’s best friend. Most of the men nowadays takes time to choose the right wallet that suits his needs. Some prefer the long wallet while some prefer the bifold/trifold wallet. Men tends to be precise in choosing their wallet because the wallet will become their identity that’ll last for years.

I personally love Louis Vuitton wallets (because I have one) but after doing a lot of research, I conclude that I’ll choose the Saint Laurent wallet due to its simplicity and minimal design. I’m a person who uses bifold wallet rather than a long wallet or the trifold thus making the Saint Laurent wallet a good choice. On the side note, it’s made of leather that’ll last for years.

7. Fragrance

Perfume is a man’s basic needs before going out to work. I remembered that my dad sprayed his Bvlgari Pour Homme every single day before going to work. After a few years, that perfume become his identity. Wherever I go, that Bvlgari Pour Homme will reminds me of my dad. That’s what perfumes do to your man. It gives your man an identity.

My recommendations are Versace Eros and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb. Both of these perfumes has its own unique identity. If you want your man to smell more sexy and masculine with a little bit of sweet scent, then buy him the Versace Eros.

Personally, I have been using Versace Eros for a month and whenever I go to class, some of my friends complimented me due to its very own unique scent.

As for V&R Spicebomb, I have been wanting this one because it is very different than others. It has this mixture of spices and patchouli scent with mint and sweet scent (I’m very bad at describing perfume scents).

8. Dress Shoes

If you are looking for a good pair of dress shoes, then I’ll recommend you to buy the Prada Levitate shoes. It’s a hybrid of both dress shoe and a sneakers. It’ll look good on both formal and casual attire. I believe that every men needs a dress shoe, so, why not?


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