Saturday, 26 March 2016

Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Review

Having a dry lips is nothing new to everyone. Thousands of products were produced just to aid the public on reducing the 'dry lips' problem. From my experience, I have tried tonnes of different lip balms and none of them gave me a result as how they were advertised.

As a guy, having a dry lips is a big turnoff since one of the physical attraction on males are lips. My lips tend to be as dry as the Sahara desert right after I brush my teeth and also after I have my breakfast.

The other day, when I stepped into Sephora Ipoh, I lingered around the outlet to find a good lip balm but most of the balm are tinted with colours which will transfer to your lips. I almost gave up until this one Sales Associate recommend me Marc Jacobs Lip Lock lip balm. 


Packaging : 8/10
Protection : 7/10
Price : 5/10
Scent : 8/10
Long lasting : 7/10

OVERALL : 7/10

The packaging is plastic but it doesn't feel like plastic at all. When I first held it, I thought the packaging was made from metal because it's quite heavy compare to the other average plastic packaging from other lip products. Overall, the packaging feels luxurious.

The lip balm is moisturising and it also has SPF 18 sunscreen which will protect your lips from the UV rays. For something that is small, the UV protection is a bonus for the product. Other than that, the balm is moisturising.

The price was RM79 ( I totally forgot how much it was ) and yes, for something so simple like lip balm, RM79 is quite a hefty price but looking at it from a different aspect, it protects your lips, moisturise your lips and the packaging feels luxurious (comparing to other luxury brand lip balms), RM79 is totally worth it.

It has a minty scent but the moment you swatch it onto your lips, the scent fades away. 

Long lasting
On the box itself, it has written that you have to apply the lip balm every 2 hours. When I use it, I manage to go for as long as 3 hours. It doesn't last all day but to me, for a temporary moisturiser, this work wonders.

Overall, Marc Jacobs Lip Lock lip balm is a very good product for both men and women. The packaging may look like a lipstick but you're a fool if you think it is. After all, no one knows how the packaging looks like after you've applied it onto your lips. What matters is the result of the product. I recommend this product to everyone if you are looking for a good quality lip balm.


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