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5 Staple Pieces That Men Should Invest

There are many staple pieces that men can invest in which varies from its functionality to its design. Nowadays, most of these staple piece can be purchased at the regular fast-fashion outlets but that doesn't mean that you cannot splurge your money on these items. Today, I've gathered 5 different staple items that I believe is a must for men to invest in. Let's go through it one by one.


When I say that Sunglasses is a staple piece, I really meant it. This item is a go-to item where whenever you plan on going out in a bright sunny day, you will unconsciously grab you very pair of sunglasses and head out. Yes, sunglasses can be purchased at the local fashion outlets such as H&M, Zara, Topman and more at a very affordable price but some of the time, we need to splurge a bit on this very delicate item due to its functionality and design-wise.

Before splurging your bucks on a pair of sunglasses, go and have a survey on the brands that you like. You may go to your local optical store to look for a pair of sunglasses or you can always go the the flagship store to make your purchase. Then, make sure to have the comfort in check. Other than that, make sure to have the right shape of the sunglasses that suits your face.


L E A T H E R  B A G

If women owns a hand bag, we men can own a hand bag too. A holdall bag will be in convenient when you are the type of guy who brings a lot to your workplace or will be going to a lot of places after your working hours. This bag, or a leather bag in particular will be in handy if you're going to head out to the gym after spending hours and hours finishing your work in your office. Not only that, the functionality of this bag varies on different situations. You can stuff your clothes inside and check in to your flight to Paris or maybe stuffing all your belongings before heading out to work. 

Why a leather bag? Probably because leather itself will last a good long years if you take care of it properly. Most of the leather bags can last up to years. My grandfather once bought a Louis Vuitton bag somewhere in the 80's and believe me, it looks new to me.

Most of the leather bag can be found in the luxury streets of fashion and also our regular fast-fashion outlets. Do keep in mind that the more you splurge on a bag, the longer the longevity of its function. 



A man's wardrobe will not complete without a pair of suits. A suit can be worn both casually and formally. What makes a suit a staple piece? Well, the way it glides over your body, releasing your masculine aura to your surrounding and making you look effortlessly and sartorially professional and makes you look like you are a gentleman is the reason behind it.

Finding a good suit is not as easy as you think. There are many aspects to be considered before purchasing one such as the colour, the fit and the design. Find yourself a minimal suit that will match most of your clothes. For instance, a plain black suit will match most of the clothes. If you want to go into the daring side, try on a suit with patterns and prints. 

Where to get it? Well, the fast-fashion outlets provides a range of suits from a regular to the skinny fit. If you have a lot of bucks to splurge on, try going to the luxury streets and purchase a good pair of suits. In case if you want to have a fitted suit, you can always go to your local tailor and order one for you.


L E A T H E R  J A C K E T

This has been always on my 'staple piece' list, a leather Biker jacket. A good leather jacket will not only elevate your masculinity and makes you attractive, it will also last long in your wardrobe. There are many kinds of brands offering you a good piece of leather jacket be it from the local fast-fashion outlets to the luxurious fashion houses.

For starters, you can invest in a faux leather jacket. It's cheaper compare to the genuine calf leather jackets but as time goes on, try to find a perfect genuine leather jacket that suits your body. If you are not a fan of luxurious fashion houses, there are many options available such as jackets from H&M, Zara, Pull&Bear, Asos and many others. Upon looking through the jackets, make sure to eliminate jackets that have minor defects.

On the other side, if you are looking to splurge your bucks on a genuine designer jacket, you can always find it at Saint Laurent, Moschino, Versace, Neil Barrett and others. Believe me, their quality is top notch.


Saint Laurent
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B L A C K  J E A N S

Last staple piece that men should invest is of course, a pair of black jeans. Denim jeans appear to have in many different cuttings. From Regular straight cut up to the Super Skinny cut. Different jeans plays a different role for different body type. Basically, what Black Jeans makes itself stand out is because the way it gives you a silhouette of a slimmer thighs and calves. 

Apart from the cutting, keep in mind that there are different composition of materials composed in a pair of jeans. Some jeans are solid denim but some appear to have a small amount of elastane which hugs your leg tightly. Material and cutting wise is a personal preference. 

Black jeans can be found anywhere in any clothing store. Personally, I am loving my H&M Black Slim Fit Jeans but I am still going out to look for a better one as the colour fades within months of wearing it. If you can splurge on a high quality pair of jeans, might as well splurge on any of the luxury houses' items.


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