Thursday, 28 April 2016

5 Reasons Why Biker Jacket is My Essential

Do you always have that guilty pleasure on scrolling those e-commerce websites and clicked on the same clothing item again and again and again? Well, I used to. What makes the guilty pleasure stop was when I bought my 3rd biker jacket from Pull&Bear (here) and believe me, I am glad that I bought it.

Every time I go out with my friends, I unconsciously grab my biker jacket even though the weather is hella hot outside. It's a clothing item that I never regret wearing regardless of weather. Believe me, I've sweat gallons of sweats in each of my biker jacket, I know it sounds gross but that's just some of the sacrifices I made to keep myself satisfied. Currently, I've minimised my biker jacket collection to two items which are from Zara and Pull&Bear. What happened to my previous one? Let's just say that it got to its new owner.

Before I bore you with my nostalgic memories created with the jackets, here's 5 reasons why Biker Jacket is my essential.

T I M E L E S S 

I'm not 100% sure why I didn't thought on buying a biker jacket when I was a lot younger. Well, probably because during that time period, I always thought that a biker jacket was a vintage item that I can't really grasp on buying any since there aren't really any vintage shops in my town. Well, as you can see, I've written an article about Biker Jacket (here) before and it all began in the 50's for its functionality and reincarnated in the pop culture, especially in the punk genre. The latter was what makes me deny on purchasing one.

Now, I can understand that a biker jacket is truly a timeless piece that would never go out of style. I've seen a lot of people, especially in Malaysia, are braver to wear it while not considering the all year round Summer weather. Plus the humidity. Will Biker Jacket still be relevant in 2100? I can safely say that I'm not a fortune teller but rest assured, a biker jacket, regardless of genuine leather or faux, it will still be relevant throughout the future.


Let's push aside the weather and concentrate on the clothing item itself. Yes, it is comfortable UNLESS it doesn't fit you well - like what happened to my first jacket. I was still naive when I bought my first jacket from Burton Menswear London. At that time, I was looking for a jacket that fits my budget and did not bat an eye on the sartorial details of the jacket. The arms were a bit too long for me.

When I purchased my second jacket which is the Red Burgundy Biker Jacket from Zara, I swore to myself that that is the last jacket I'm going to buy but I know deep down, I was not satisfy with the previous. I gave myself a long detox from peeking through fashion apps when finally I found myself saving the same picture of the same jacket that I saw from the Pull&Bear apps. 

Which one is comfortable? Personally, each one has its own unique features. My Zara jacket has the epaulette on each shoulders that gives a military-esque silhouette and the lining inside is quite comfortable when the weather is cold outside. On the other hand, my Pull&Bear Jacket has the quilted details on the shoulder and the best part is that the lining inside is quite thin compare to the previous which balances both jackets on a leverage.

No doubt, I found both jackets comfortable to wear regardless of weather IF you focus on the tiny details of the jacket.


Just like a blazer, a biker jacket has a pocket inside of the jacket. Back when I don't have a bag, I often use my jacket to hold my belongings such as my portable charger, USB cable and some other bits and bops. I'm quite surprised that a biker jacket can hold quite a lot of item even though there are a few functional pockets on the jacket. 

My Zara jacket fits more stuff compare to my Pull&Bear jacket. Well, the latter have a few faux pockets that gives an illusion as if the jacket has a lot of pockets to fill in your stuff. The previous has a pocket inside of the jacket, two side pockets on the tummy area on both sides and can be fasten with its zippers, a coin pocket and also a chest pocket. I'm quite happy with the purchase I made in Zara - because I bought it on sale, durh.


When I say confidence, I mean the confidence I gain every time I wear the jacket. My Zara jacket is the most complimented jacket and believe me, I've received countless compliments - even when I wear it with shorts and white tee. All these compliments I get will enhance my confidence in wearing clothes that I never expect to wear.

Just a quick story, when I first saw the Zara jacket in the website, I was hesitant. One, I couldn't imagine myself in it. Two, I was looking for a black one. It was last January when I stumbled upon the jacket in Zara Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur that I fell in love with the jacket right away. I was always a fan of red and this jacket makes me realise that I've thrown away a lot of reds in my wardrobe that I need a new one.

W O R T H  T H E  M O N E Y

Whenever I want to purchase an item, I always think whether an item is worth the money or not but for some reason, I never think about that when it comes to purchasing a biker jacket. That's probably because I know the brand and their quality, making me to put my full faith on to their products.

Since I've had my Zara jacket, I never complained on the amount of money I paid (despite it being on sale) because it is a very good quality. The vegan leather feels soft and buttery and so far it doesn't break off or do any such damage.

If you're on the hunt for a biker jacket, take all the little things such as the stitching, the hardware material, the smoothness of the zippers and all the other bits and bops into account. All of these will add up the essence of a biker jacket and will make you feel comfortable and proud of purchasing it. You don't want to regret buying a low quality biker jacket, do you?

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a designer biker jacket, try to avoid buying it from an e-commerce websites because pictures can lie. Sometimes, the one you ordered might be a black jacket but when it arrives, it turns out to be navy blue. My advice is to go and check the item in store, feel the material, wear it so that you'll know how it will turn out if you wear it.

Overall, no matter if you spend hundreds of Dollars (or in my case, Malaysian Ringgit), a biker jacket will be worth the money when you take all the criteria into account. As for me, I am proud to have both of my Zara and Pull&Bear jacket.

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