Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sneakers To Look For

I apologise for skipping a week of schedule (this article was supposed to be uploaded before the Acca Kappa Cologne review but I was busy studying thus I kinda forgot all my blog post schedule). To be honest, my schedule is packed with studying due to my final exams but today I managed to steal some time to write.

Recently, I was scrolling through this one online shop website, Revolver, and at that time I was trying to find some inspirations on shoes (particularly Monkstraps) that I should get but nothing really caught my eyes. Unconsciously, I clicked on the Sneakers section and began to scroll through all the pages. Out of all the sneakers, I saw, these are the 4 sneakers that in my opinion need more attention from everyone.

Adidas Stan Smith by Raf Simons

The one thing that caught my eyes was the colorway of this Raf Simons' Stan Smith sneaker because I rarely see a Salmon coloured footwear ( I know there are some others but I'm not a sneakerhead so I don't really get up-to-date ). If you have Adidas Stan Smith sneaker written in your wishlist, I'd suggest you to splurge on Raf Simons' Stan Smith because well, not everyone knows about this particular sneaker. This sneaker retails at RM1,600 at Revolve.

How I Style The Sneaker

Since this is a pop of colour, I would go all black or all white with this sneaker. Basic starts with a white or black plain shirt or probably a suede t-shirt. If I don't want to be all monochromatic, I would wear a pink t-shirt or maybe a dusty pink with a brown undertone sweatshirt. To make everything casual, I'll top over a black bomber jacket for an all black outfit or a white biker jacket for an all white outfit. It's a personal preference for the outerwear, really. I'd wear a black jeans or if I'm tired with jeans, a black/white cropped trousers would go well with this. And let's not forget a pair of sunnies, preferably a pair of rectangles sunnies.

Asics Gel Kayano Trainer

Honestly, I was eyeing for some Asics sneakers but nothing really drives me crazy EXCEPT for this one. The dark navy blue colourway is something that I don't have in my footwear collection and I'll probably save some cash for this one. Basically, this pair available in different colours but I prefer a darker shade and believe me, It'll match with a lot different outfit be it street wear casual or formal casual. This Asics Gel Kayano Trainer retails at RM470 at Revolve.

How I Style The Sneaker

This is a good one. I'd pair it with a white tshirt under a suede bomber jacket. As for the bottoms, probably I'll grab my cropped camel brown chinos. Let's not forget our sunglasses, ok?

Gradient Perforated Low Top by Filling Pieces

I've been looking for a pair of sneakers that comes with a neutral shade and while scrolling, I couldn't help myself to take a look at this gorgeous beige sneakers by Filling Pieces. What gravitates me towards this footwear is that the material used which is suede leather and also the cutting of the sole. In case if you're wondering, there are some other colors available. This Gradient Perforated Low Top by Filling Pieces retails at RM951 over at Revolve.

How I Style The Sneaker

First, I would wear a printed shirt, preferably with a darker shade as the dominant color for the shirt. Then, a camel brown trench coat over the shirt with a pinstriped cropped trousers. Just to spice the whole look, I'd wear a watch with a brown leather strap and a silver hardware rim. It'll look modern yet classic within casual.

Hiker Sneaker Mid by Public School

I saw this pair of sneakers somewhere in Youtube but it was unmentioned so I started digging through Google and I found out that this sneaker is from Public School, a new and fresh brand based in New York. Public School can be considered as a mid-high end and they design for both men and women. Particularly, this sneaker caught my eyes because the monochromatic colours gives an illusion that someone looks taller while wearing it. Hiker Sneaker Mid by Public School retails at RM2,350 at Revolve.

How I Style The Sneaker

This is my favourite pair of all the others so I'd wear a black denim shirt or a black flannel shirt with a biker jacket on top. As for the bottoms, I'd wear either two; a black distressed jeans or a black cropped trousers. To complement the whole outfit, a pair of sunnies would fit.


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