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3 Neutral Inspirations for Spring

One of the biggest trends in 2016 is neutral shades. It varies from the darkest of all to the lightest of all. I have always love looking at guys who tops off wearing these trendy colours and here are 3 inspirations that suits for Spring transitioning to Summer.


Khaki is the most easiest colour (other than Black of course) to incorporate in anyone's wardrobe. It suits literally everyone regardless of size. When pairing khaki, it gives you the military-esque vibe which is cool if it fits your aesthetics. I believe it's easy to find trousers in khaki nowadays but to find a biker trousers in khaki is a rare occasion. While we're on the verge of transitioning from Spring to Summer, Khaki is a good colour for the current transitioning period.

How I Would Wear It

Since the sleeve of the denim shirt is long, I would fold the sleeves a few times to make it 3/4 length or 1/2 length. The first two buttons will be left unbuttoned. The trousers will be the perfect match for the colour and if possible, I'd cut the hem of the trousers to give it a cropped trousers look. I'd pair it with a similar shade sneakers and if the weather is cold, I'd get a scarf to wrap around my neck or just leave it draping over my torso. Last but not least, I'd get a bag to fit all my essentials throughout the day and night.

Denim Shirt Zara
Biker Trousers Zara
Scarf Zara
Messenger Bag Zara
Sneakers Pull&Bear


I have to agree that pink is not everyone's cup of tea but we can always challenge ourselves to try out different shades of colour that stands outside of our norm or aesthetics. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of men incorporating Pink into their outfit and to me, that's a brave choice, to challenge ourselves with the colour and also challenging the gender role (most says Pink is not for men). 

How I would Wear It

I don't like wearing a pink shirt so I'd get a t-shirt instead. I'll wear a bomber jacket above it. I don't really get the hang of pink trousers and I think that it'll look tacky so I'd choose a white bottom to go with pink since white is a complimentary colour for pink. I'm expecting the weather to be a bit sunny so I'd wear a sunglasses that has a pink undertone to it. To fit my essentials, a pink bag would be nice. To complete my outfit, I'd pair a clean white minimal sneakers so that it won't irritates the eyes.

T-shirt Pull&Bear
Bomber Jacket Pull&Bear
Shorts Pull&Bear
Sunglasses Zara
Bag Zara
Sneakers Zara

T A N  &  S T O N E

Wearing neutrals doesn't mean that you have to go all minimal on your outfit, it means that you have to be precise in choosing your clothing items to mix and match so that you'll get an excellent outcome. One of the neutrals for the season is Tan and Stone. I mixed both into one category as both comes hand in hand together. If your neutrals are too minimal, you can always go a bit crazy with neutral prints.

How Would I Wear It

I'd get a printed top to pair with a stone trousers. I prefer the trousers to be lightweight. Let's ditch sneakers and wear a pair of sandals instead. It gives my feet to breathe easily. If I'm going to bring a lot of stuff during the day through night time, I'd get myself a duffle bag. Just to lock everything else in place, I'll wear a tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Printed Shirt H&M
Stone Trousers H&M
Sunglasses Zara
Duffle Bag Zara
Sandals Zara

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