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5 Ways To Get Inspiration

My interest in fashion, menswear to be exact, began when I started watching lookbook videos in youtube. I've always felt so fascinated by how the girls (I was watching girl's lookbook at that time) style themselves and stay true to themselves. That time, I was still naive about fashion in general. I didn't know how to find my personal style and always go out wearing the trendy graphic t-shirts I bought from Padini - I always thought Padini was the only place to get good quality clothes

Then, I started to roam into Google and began searching for other brands that produce menswear items and that was how I began my journey finding my inspiration to my personal style. Today, I'll give you tips and tricks on how you can get your inspiration.

E - C O M M E R C E  W E B S I T E S

My first source of inspiration is through e-commerce websites pictures. Most of the websites have their own pictures taken and what I love about this is that their pictures are editorial which generate my brain to start working on matching different items for an outfit. 

My favourite website is Zara. Their pictures are aesthetically pleasing to look at. It's a guilty pleasure of mine to casually scrolling through their apps in my phone before sleeping. Sometimes I even save some pictures so that I can look at it again without having me to open the same app again. Saving their pictures will lead me to finding similar pieces in my wardrobe - if I don't have one, I'll buy one - so that I could mix and match the items to form different outfits. 

Apart from Zara, here are some other e-commerce websites that I just love scrolling through when I'm bored

 What I Wore

Watch Seiko
Jogger Pants Uniqlo
Derby Shoes Pedro
Bag Padini
Magazine Augustman Malaysia


I truly think that this is one of the basic ways on how you get your inspiration like how I started venturing into fashion - because I watched lookbook videos on youtube. There are many fashion gurus in Youtube that'll help you finding your inspirations. It might be their advice, it might be their lookbook videos or it might even be their haul videos. Most of my time, I was inspired by watching their lookbook videos.

Here are some fashion youtubers - both men and women - that I love watching (sometimes I watch the same videos again and again and again)


Ah, this is one of the easiest way to get inspiration. It doesn't have to be a fashion magazine, sometimes you might even get inspired after reading through politic-related magazines. I recommend more people to buy magazine because apart from having editorial fashion pictures inside, you will train yourself to read and at the same time, this will kill you some time - while waiting for your cab to arrive...?

My favourite magazine is AugustMan Malaysia. I fell in love with this magazine when I started reading their August Issue if I'm not mistaken. The quality of their paper is topnotch. The articles are very exquisite and they not only write about men's fashion, they also write about foods, cars and even watches! 

Believe me, I am not sponsored by Augustman team to say this but their magazine is thoroughly amazing! But of course, you can buy any magazine you want and get your inspirations from there as well.


For a blogger like me, reading other people's blog sometimes give me the inspirations that I need. Reading their journey, looking at their personal style, reading their fans' comments sometimes just give me the inspiration that I wouldn't thought I could get.

Apart from inspiration, sometimes reading blogs opens you another door to another blog that you might love and enjoy reading. This is why if you're blank with ideas for your outfit, try scrolling through blogs or the blogger's instagram to get the inspiration you need for the day.

My favourite blogger

P E O P L E  A R O U N D  Y O U

I rarely do this but whenever I go out alone, I often find myself a good spot to sit and observe the people around me. It doesn't have to be observing people who has good taste in fashion, sometimes watching a mom playing with her child might be the inspiration you need for your outfit or even for your next blog post. 

What I usually do is whenever I go to Pavillion KL or any malls in Kuala Lumpur, I'll find myself a place to sit and observe. DO NOT OBSERVE A PERSON FOR TOO LONG or they might call the security to chase you. Sometimes I just sit with my Arizona canned tea in my hand, watching people passing by me. I remember when I went to Pavillion KL one evening and I saw this one guy holding his handbag while walking with his girlfriend and since then, I started bring my handbag everywhere I go.

Photography by Ayna Balqis


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    1. Awh, thank you. I really appreciate it. & thank you for suggesting an idea, I will write about it soon :)



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