Tuesday, 31 May 2016 Malaysia

Spicebomb? More Like... DA BOMB!

 Photography by Eyman Asyraf

Of all the colognes I've sprayed on my skin, I am deeply in love with Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb. Recently, I've received this perfume as my birthday present from my best friend. I was almost bursting into tears when she told me she bought Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb because.... this cologne has been on my wishlist since the first time I smelled it in Sephora. 

Top Notes
Bergamot, Grapefruit

Heart Notes
Elemi, Pink Pepper

Base Notes
Leather, Tobacco, Vetiver

The Scent - 8/10
When you sprayed it on your skin, it will give you a very strong Cinnamon scent. I personally love the Cinnamon scent because this is what makes the cologne different from the others. As the cologne sinks into your skin, the scents will be less stronger than before. After a while, the scent fades but you won't notice it because it sticks onto your skin. This cologne will smell strong the most when you get all sweaty. This will make other people turn around and sniff with an awe.

The Longevity - 7/10
When it comes to longevity of a certain cologne, it really depends on the chemicals in your body thus different people will get a different rate of longevity. Me personally, the cologne lasted for about merely 5 hours before I had to spray it again. 

Reactions From People Around Me - 7/10
I've been using this cologne for merely a week and I've received a lot of compliments which makes me not regret spraying the cologne on me. One of my colleague told me " You smell delicious like a very masculine Cinnamon bun " which I then laughed it off. 

Overall - 7/10
With a good long hours of longevity alongside good masculine scents, one thing that bugs me is that this cologne suits during the night time. Yes, I can wear this during the day time and nobody bats an eye but whenever I smell this, it reminds me of a very romantic night time date ( I recommend you to wear this during your first date too! ) which sadly I'm still single. Boohoo. Jokes aside, I truly believe that this cologne suits almost everyone but of course, cologne is a very personal preference. 

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