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5 Struggles Taking OOTD Pictures

When it comes to posting outfit blog post, the first step is to take good quality pictures at the desired areas but there's always struggles pre and post shoot. Most people are amazed with the outcome that I published in my blog and also in my Instagram (follow me here) but not many of you knows the struggle of taking OOTD pictures. Let me break down for you 5 struggles us bloggers go through upon taking OOTD pics.

Asking for Someone To Take Your Pictures

All of the photos we (the bloggers) post on our blog does not capture by its own. We need someone to take the picture for us. Sometimes we do hire a professional photographers to take our OOTD pictures - it applies if you have tonnes of money. If you don't have the generic 'Instagram Boyfriend' who has the photography skills, it's either you're going to shamelessly ask strangers on the streets or your friends to take your pictures. In my case, most of the pictures I published were taken by my sister or my friends. I don't really ask for strangers to take pictures of me - because I don't like instructing strangers on angles to take my photos


Malaysia is sunny all day long but some of the time, the rain pour down heavily. Sometimes, when I am all ready for the shoot, the weather act all crazy and decided to cry all day long. Or sometimes when I am in the middle of the shoot, rain starts to fall down and guess what? Yes, I had to stop the shoot and continue the next day.

Being Chased Out

Not all the exotic architectural buildings have the free access for people to take pictures. Some of them will instruct you to show your permit to take pictures at the desired place and when you don't have one, they will chase you out. Luckily for me, I rarely encountered any of these situations before except for one ; when I was at Bukit Bintang KL, I was taking my OOTD pictures behind the Sephora building in front of Pavillion KL and one of the guards chased me out but luckily I managed to get some good pictures out of it.

Technical Difficulties

When you take pictures using your DSLR camera - which I do all the time - you'll encounter a few technical difficulties such as your memory card is full, camera battery is almost dead, memory card left at home, camera is not focusing, camera setting is not correct during the shoot and etc. When I have my shoot, I always clear out my memory card beforehand and charge my camera battery. I encountered technical difficulties once which I forgot to bring along my memory card. Contingency plan was taking the pictures using my iPhone camera.

Editing Difficulties

Some bloggers doesn't have the editing skills using Photoshop or Lightroom (one of them is me) so to edit the pictures taken can be a challenge. Almost all of the pictures published in this blog is edited by yours truly but yes, I did not edit it via both Photoshop and Lightroom. Earlier when I started blogging, editing process is the most time consuming process. I don't really know what is my aesthetic and that caused me to publish a low quality images. People who edits using Photoshop or Lightroom might relate to this when you're in the middle of the editing process and suddenly your desktop decided to shut down by itself is a buzz-kill moment, especially when you didn't save the images just yet. 

What I Wore
Sunglasses Brands Outlet
Shirt Cotton On
Watch Seiko
Jeans H&M
Sneakers Reebok
Bag Padini

Photography by Fikri Radzuan


  1. This is the most real post I've real in a while! Keep doing what you are doing Eyman!

    1. Well, I just want all the readers to know how much effort we as bloggers put into our content. At least they'll understand our effort and appreciate our content more and more.

      Thank you Salman :)



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