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5 Tips Before Purchasing A Bomber Jacket

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Finding a bomber jacket for someone who is big like me can be quite a tough one. There are a lot to take into consideration when I look for a bomber jacket. Before I go on more deeper about my criteria/tips for a bomber jacket, let me tell you a quick story.

I was never a fan of bomber jacket because I tried a bomber jacket before when I was in Dior Homme and it looks terribly horrible on me. Note that I tried the medium size which is a one size smaller than my actual size which is Large. Now, don't get me wrong, I love bomber jacket on other people but it doesn't seem to look good on me. 

What I observe is that bomber jacket makes someone looks bigger. Thus, it is suitable for someone who is skinny to wear a bomber jacket. As I did more research, I began to realise that there are a lot of materials of fabrics, layering of the fabrics to form a jacket, the fit and more. What I need to do at that time was to find a jacket that doesn't have a thick lining while it is not that thin of a fabric and comfortable at the same time. 

Now, let's jump in to my tips - or shall we call it as criteria before I purchase a bomber jacket....?

Layers of Fabrics

From what I noticed, there are 3 different layers of fabric which I break down into thin , moderate & thick. For someone who is skinny, you can always opt for any of the three but for someone who is big, I took a jacket that has a moderate layers of fabric. When you go out on a search, try understanding the layers of fabrics. A Thin layer will tend to not have any lining inside of the jacket thus it is very lightweight but at the same time, it doesn't have a lot of pockets for you to stuff your essentials. A Moderate layer will have a lining inside of the jacket but it is not as thick as Thick layering would be. Both Moderate & Thick will have more pockets inside of the jacket. 

The Fit

I don't want this to be repetitive but for someone who is skinny, you can opt for almost every single fit available for bomber jacket be it oversized, slim fit or regular. As for me, I opted for a regular fit. A regular fit will give you the right amount of rooms needed for you to wear it unzipped or zipped. Look at your shoulder, does the stitching on the shoulder of the jacket meets your shoulder? If it doesn't meet, how far is it from your shoulder, if it is quite a gap, it is considered an oversized jacket. 

What I did was I opted for a Large size and compared it to an Extra Large sized jacket. I find it quite roomy for me if I were to take Extra Large but the fit for Large was as comfortable as Extra Large. Thus, I purchased a Large sized jacket. I forgot to mention, the stitching of the shoulder on the Large sized jacket fits perfectly onto my shoulders while if I were to opt for Extra Large, it would be a slightly oversized jacket.

The Fabric

This has to be taken into consideration seriously. Why? Because it determines whether you are really gonna be comfortable in it or not. There are a lot of bomber jackets with different kinds of fabrics that ranges from rayon, cotton, polyester, mesh, neoprene and the list goes on and on. 

If you live in a country that tends to stay hot all year long, try opting for cotton, mesh and polyester. It makes you feel comfortable even though you are sweating like hell inside - believe me, I sweat like hell wearing the jacket but the fabric doesn't really absorb the sweat thus making it look all neat without any sweat patches visible on the jacket.

 While if you're living in a colder countries, try opting for something that is thicker in fabric and also a thick layering of fabrics. This will help you to retain your temperature while wearing the jacket. I've seen a lot of people wearing a bomber jacket with thick fabrics in colder countries and it definitely helps you to retain your body temperature.

The Colour

If you don't have any bomber jacket in your collection and are out and about searching for one, try buying a jacket that will match all of your clothes in your wardrobe. For me, I opted for something that is darker in colour. My jacket looks black at first but it is a black with blue undertone. Sometimes I see it as black, sometimes I see it as the darkest shade of navy blue. and sometimes I see some khaki green within the colour. It really depends from which angle you're looking at.

The colour also plays a huge role on how others see you. For instance, if you have a big body like me, try to avoid something that is bright and go for a darker shade. It doesn't have to be black, it can be a burgundy, a navy blue, a khaki green or anything that is dark. When you wear a darker shade, it gives the illusion of you being slim. While if you are skinny and wants to look bigger than your actual size, try opting for a brighter colour like red, blue, yellow and more. It gives you the illusion of looking larger than your actual size.

Do You Have More Than 5 Outfits That Matches The Bomber?

Yes, that's the question that you're gonna need to ask yourself. Do you? As for me, when I reach the jacket while I was in Zara, I have already curated more than 5 different outfits that matches this jacket. Thus, I am convinced to purchase the jacket. It is okay if you don't have 5 outfits that matches the jacket, you can always add more clothes into your wardrobe but keep in mind that if the one that you're eyeing for is a seasonal jacket, it might be hard for you to wear it outside of its season. It's all a personal preference.

Side note. A seasonal jacket is something that has embroideries or designs on it which tend to make it look more Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter rather than as an Essential. There are a lot of brands producing seasonal jacket such as Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior Homme and more. If you're brave, you can always wear a seasonal jacket outside of its season and not give a damn on what everyone says. Like I said, it is a personal preference. As for me, I'm looking for something that is an essential thus I bought a plain bomber. I might buy something that is seasonal in the future but as for now, I am happy with my purchase.

What do you think about this article? Hope that this helps you before purchasing your bomber jacket. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Would love to read your feedback.

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