Wednesday, 6 July 2016 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Taking The Leap

Photography by Aniq Nabil

What I Wore
Sunnies Brands Outlet
Shirt Cotton On
Jacket Pull&Bear
Trousers Uniqlo
Shoes Pedro

When I first started blogging, I never knew Fashion would be my niche. That was because back then, I was still lacking of knowledge about my personal style. All I did wear was a plaid shirt with a graphic t-shirt underneath it and I'm good to go. It all started when I stumbled upon a few Fashion Vlogger in Youtube. What caught my eyes were their styles and I whispered to myself " Why not venture into fashion? I can rarely see anyone with a flabby tummy wear something out of their comfort zone

Way before I had this blog, I used to have a Youtube channel but after a few months of putting commitment, I called it a rest. It looks fun but the process is tiring for me. That's when I decided to run my own blog. 

I started Blankologie with zero knowledge about blogging. All I know is that I want to write a good content for people to read and get inspired. As months passed by, I started to learn about writing skills, photography skills and editing skills. I was having fun with blogging until I realised that not many people actually read my blog. I had to admit it was stressful to direct the traffic to your own blog. Just a few months after that, I watched a Reality TV show that relates to me, Fashion Bloggers. I watched both Season 1 and Season 2 - my favourite bloggers are Margaret , Zanita & Sara - and I remembered Margaret said that " Don't constantly check your statistics for your blog. Keep on writing good content for your blog because your voice matters " and that's when I stop giving a damn about my traffic - not really though, I mean, I check my Google Analytics once a week.  

I have to admit that I receive a lot of compliments because of my blog and I am proud of it. I remembered that one day, a friend of mine told me that he read my blog and he took my advice - I think it was about the minimalist outfit post, I'm not sure which one though - and he showed me his OOTD. I stood there and I thought to myself " Someone did actually listen to my voice and take my advice " and that's when I realised that I should not stop blogging.

During the whole month of May, I had a part time job in a small cafe that provides me a good amount of salary. Back then, my goal was to purchase a new camera lens because I want to step up my photography skills. Believe me, the first thing I did when I received my salary was I went to a well-known camera shop in my town and purchase a new Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens. On the same day, I purchased a new photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom. I did not even regret purchasing both items because I am seeing my progress in photography. 

Currently, I want to focus on two of my hobbies; blogging & photography. I took a plunge on creating a Tumblr account dedicated to my photography only and I even created a new Instagram account (@blank.lens) for my photography. I recently had a photoshoot with one of my close friend and the pictures I took turned out so damn good - at least it's damn good for me - that I received a lot of compliments. That's when I started to take my photography seriously. We'll see how I do in....a year maybe?

I guess no one really knows about my education, right? I am in the 2nd year of pursuing Diploma in Accounting, a course which I thought I'd love but it turns out to be a course that I hate now. I failed miserably last semester which I had to extend another semester in order for me to graduate. It didn't really bug me though because this semester, I surround myself with like-minded and positive people. 

You might wonder why someone who has a good fashion sense like me ventured into Accounting, am I right? Well, I started pursuing Accounting before I started my blog. When I realise that accounting is not what I love, it was already too late for me to call it quit. That's when I get a lot of motivation from my best friends saying that I should never stop studying and keep acing the exams. After all, what I learn now might be useful for me in the future. Who knows I'll open a company and I manage my own account? 

What I want you guys to take from this article is that in whatever industry you're currently in, always take that leap of faith. You may fail once or twice but if you fail to get up, then you'll fail your life.

If I didn't learn accounting, I might not even know how hard the subjects are. If I didn't start watching youtube, I might not even have a blog. If I didn't start taking pictures for my blog, I might not even learn on editing skills and whatnot. What I'm saying is that every step you take leads you to another road. It's either you're gonna run and have that 'leap of faith' jump or stuck in the same position the rest of your life. You make your own choice.

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