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Fudge Professional Skyscraper Hairspray Review

Just last month, I was out in the market for a hairspray. To clear things out, hairspray was never in my hair styling routine regime. It never crossed my mind to even purchase one. There was this one day where I watched some Youtube videos about hair styling routine and most of the youtubers tend to use hairspray after they're done styling their hair. Thus, from there I started to roam around in the market for a good medium hold hairspray.

Let's jump into my review of Fudge Professional Skyscraper Hairspray. 

First of all, this hairspray is infused with apple and coconut fragrance. If you don't like coconut nor apple scent, I'm terribly sorry, this product is not for you. Despite it being infused with coconut and apple fragrance, the scent doesn't stay that long. You can smell the scent lingering around you for a few hours but right after that, the scent totally fades away.


I can safely say that you can build the density of the product on your hair to make it stay stronger. On the bottle, it claims that it is a medium hold which they provide a scale behind the bottle and on the scale it falls under number 6 which the scale ranges from 0 to 15 being the extremely strong hold. 

In my opinion, I love it because you can totally build the product by your own self. For instance, if I want to have a little more stronger hold, I can spray another layer and tadaa, I'm good to go. I did a photoshoot recently with my best friend in the evening and in the morning, I sprayed 4 layers of hair spray and I was relieved that my hair didn't budged - okayyy, it budged a bit but it was not messy at all - after changing clothes in the dressing room and yes, that changing clothes in the dressing room will eventually budged your hair a bit but it was not that intense. When it comes the time for me to have my OOTD shoot, my hair stayed imperfectly perfect. It doesn't look as neat as how I styled it in the morning but it was still good for me. 

Hence, the hold is build-able and it really stays medium as how it claims.


This is where it gets interesting. When you use a hairspray, sometimes it is hard for you to restyle your hair because the product grabs your hair. This doesn't happen to this hairspray. I find it very moderately easy for me to restyle my hair even after a few hours of spraying the product onto my hair. Even after restyling my hair, the product still grabs my hair and make it stay put.


When I was out in the market for a new hairspray, I put my budget at a maximum of RM150. I know, it's a lot for a hairspray but that was my budget. The actual price for Fudge Professional Skyscraper hairspray was RM49, which was about 1/3 of my actual budget. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the price tag. For something that gives a good hold on my hair, I was happy with the purchase and the price doesn't bother me at all. Plus, I get around 650ml of products inside one spray can which is quite a lot for a hairspray product.

Overall, I love Fudge Professional Skyscraper hairspray. I would totally recommend this product to those who are out in the market for a new hairspray. If you're wondering where I purchased the products, I made my purchase at Shins

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