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5 Facts About Me That No One Really Knows

Photography by Amira Syakira

I can't believe it that it has been a year since I started blogging. Honestly, I learnt a lot of stuff throughout the one year journey and I am grateful that I'm slowly getting more recognition for what I did in this blog. 

As a content creator, I believe that all of you guys will probably want to know more about me. Well, all the basics about me is available in my 'About Me' page. For this time, I'm spilling you more facts about me that not everyone that knows me knows about it.

1. Make Up Tutorials Addict

Yes, I am guilty for this. I always love watching make up tutorials because it makes me understand more about why a certain people wear make up. From all of the tutorials that I've watched, I began to play around with make ups. No, I don't have any make up products with me except for a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita. That is the only make up product that I own and I wear it occasionally. 

I also sometimes help my best friends to apply her make up. One of my favourite eyeshadow palette would be Tarte's Tartelette in Bloom palette because the colours are so wearable and it revolves around the neutral spectrum.

2. Obsessed with Saint Laurent

First, it is pronounced as Sa(h)n Lau-ra(h)n. Both letter T in Saint and Laurent is barely silent. Second of all, the overall aesthetic that revolves around the Saint Laurent designs are so pleasing. Third, I love the black & white shoots that Saint Laurent produce for their seasonal campaign. Fourth, their biker jackets are just #BikerJacketGoals

Anyway, after I started writing for my blog, I began to learn more about international designers. This was just to make sure that I am well-equipped with almost all of the designers background story and their designs. There was this one day, I watched a documentary movie called Yves Saint Laurent and I began to understand the struggle that a designer will have to go through. Since then, I religiously scroll to and look at their collections and all. 

Yes, I will always be obsessed with Saint Laurent.

3. I'm Only Sassy with My Closest Friends

Here's how you can know whether a friend of mine is a close friend or just a friend. I am not a sassy person when you first meet me. I'm all about being nice just like how you want people to treat you so I keep away my sassy-ness away from me but when I am comfortable with a person, I will start to be sassy. 

I am always sassy when I'm with my best friends. Sometimes I blurted out Yasss Bitch or Okayy Honeyy as sassy as possible. And believe me, the word Bitch will always be somewhere in between the sentences whenever I'm with my best friends.

4. I Listen to Kpop Religiously

This is something that not many people really know about me. Back in 2010, I listened to SNSD/Girls' Generation when they first premiered a song called Oh! and it was phenomenal. Then I started listening to Kpop songs and at that time, I was a fan of 4Minute, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls and many other popular kpop groups. When I graduated high school, I stopped listening to Kpop. Believe me, I don't even know why I stopped listening to Kpop but recently - more like for the past few months - I started listening back to Kpop because my sister managed to influence me into listening to new Kpop groups. 

No, I don't have a lot of Kpop songs in my iTunes but I do have some popular songs in my playlist like Monster by EXO, Why So Lonely by Wonder Girls, and some new songs. I guess, this is the part where not everyone knows about me.

5. Obsessed with Biker Jackets

I think most of the people that have met me would probably know that I love wearing biker jackets. Even though currently I only have 2 different biker jackets, I still have the desire to buy more in different other colours. Currently I'm eyeing on a suede biker jacket from Zara but the price is astronomically expensive for a fast fashion brand so I'm waiting for the jacket to go into Zara's sale section. 

My best friends know about this that everyone I send her a picture of a clothing item, it will always be a biker jacket. She will always say "I thought you have one already in Black?" and I'll be like "BUT THIS ONE HAS A BELT AND IT IS QUILTED ON ITS SHOULDER WHICH I DON'T HAVE ONE" and more other arguments which in a way, I will always win.

What I Wore
Crown of Thorns DIY
Sunglasses Dior Homme
Rollneck Sweatshirt Uniqlo
Long Floral Shirt ZARA TRF
Trousers Uniqlo
Derby Shoes Pedro


  1. Makeup tutorials are addictive, I watch so many even if I'd never do the makeup look myself! I think I just like seeing people's different techniques.

    1. I totally didn't realise you commented. I know, makeup tutorials are somewhat therapeutically pleasing to watch. It makes me calm.

  2. I love Saint Laurent. My wallet hates the brand but I love it! :)

    S .x

    1. I know, it has its own aesthetic that somewhat attracts me to it. We're on the same board :)



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