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How To Be Confident

Photography by Amira Syakira

Since I started blogging in August 2015, I have to say that my confident level increases as I experiment myself with different outfits. Confident is something that you have to earn and nurture by yourself because it doesn't come from other entities, it comes within yourself. Believe me, back then, I always hesitate to wear layers and layers of clothing because in my head, I thought it would make me look bigger but everything actually starts on what you really think about yourself.

Be Comfortable

The first step to gain your confidence is by being comfortable with who you are and what you wear. No matter what's the size of your body, embrace it. Yes, it's good that you're determined to change the way your body looks but at the current state in your life, you have to embrace and be comfortable. If you're skinny, be proud of it. If you're big like me, embrace it. There's nothing wrong in being proud of what you are now, am I right?

Find Your Inspiration

See it to believe it. You will always be in doubt if you didn't find any source of inspiration. There are a lot of sources that you can always depend on. For instance, Instagram has a lot of OOTD account that showcases OOTDs from around the globe. You can always use Pinterest to gain your inspiration as it provides a lot of things in one social media platform. If you're still unsure, there's Youtube channels that focuses on fashion where they provide you with a lot of Lookbook videos. Still not satisfied yet? Read blogs from different writers. Each writer has their own personal views on different styles so always go on the hunt for new blogs to read.

Why do I say you have to see it to believe it? Well, the more you see people incorporating staple pieces into their everyday outfit, you will eventually gain your confidence on wearing one. I was never sure that a derby shoes would look good on me but because of seeing different people wearing different kinds of derby shoes, I have gain my confidence to purchase and wear one. 

Educate Yourself

No, you don't have to attend fashion school just to have the confidence. As mentioned above, there are a lot of social media platforms where you'll gain your inspirations. While sourcing your inspirations, you can always teach yourself regarding different types of styles or different types of fabrics or maybe different types of colours that matches your body type. 

When you are in the process of educating yourself, you will slowly begin to understand which suits you better in terms of comfort, longevity and cost per wear. This will not only enhances your confidence on wearing a certain clothing pieces, it will also help you to outsource which item you really need in your wardrobe. Talking about killing two birds with one stone, aite?

Experiment Yourself

This is a method where it involves a lot of time. How do I experiment myself? I started to go to all the online store websites such as Zara, H&M, PULL&BEAR and all the other fast fashion brands and look at what I think will look good on me. Then, I save the pictures in my phone. When I decided to go to the store itself, I will search for the same item that I've seen in the website. I will gather all the items and try it in the dressing room. Sounds simple but it actually consume a lot of time. I remembered that I spent 5 hours inside Zara trying on clothes and mix & match different items with different staple pieces. 

By doing this method, you will actually know how the item look on you. As you know, whenever you go onto the online store websites, they feature a good looking model which is one of their marketing method. Hence, whatever you see will always makes you think that it will look good. My advice is to always go in store and experiment yourself with different clothes. You may skip the first process which is sourcing through the websites and straight away go in store to try the clothes. Whichever way that floats your boat, do it.

Strive to Improve Yourself

This applies when you have the confidence that you need. When that happens, you will eventually feel comfortable in the zone that you're in and feel like you don't have to improve anything more. That's when you're wrong. Confidence is always about improving yourself to a better stage in your life. Thus, always go out and improve yourself. It doesn't have to be one thing, it can be something else that you don't realise that you have to improve.

For instance, I have the confidence in incorporating different pieces into my outfit but what I didn't realise is that I need to improve on different angles during my photoshoot. It's all about seeing things differently. That's what I see and I need to improve in order for me to climb up to another stage. It could be different for you. Different people have different purpose. In whatever you're doing, always step back and think about what you should improve. Hence, you're not only gain confident within yourself, you're also gaining another thing that will benefit you in the future, if not, for yourself.

What I Wore
Sunglasses by Brands Outlet
Turtleneck sweater by Uniqlo
Plaid Shirt by H&M
Biker Jacket by PULL&BEAR
Skinny Biker Jeans by ZARA
Derby Shoes by Pedro

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