Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Back To Basics : Biker Jacket

Photography by Ayna Balqis

Biker Jacket is and never will go out of trend. I have an obsession with biker jacket since late 2015 as I discovered that biker jacket is a good essential piece to own in a wardrobe.

For starters, building your wardrobe is not that easy if you don't have a clear vision on what you want vs what you really need. When it comes to both arguments, you can believe that what you want really fits you. Sometimes it is because of the current fashion trend that is going on which makes you believe that you need the certain item while it was just your wants.

In the contrary, what you really need might be standing in your blind spot. It takes days or even months to figure out what you really need in your wardrobe despite all the basics such as jeans, shirt & t shirts. Believe me, my wardrobe is still not complete yet with all the basics.

The Material

When you have no idea on what a certain biker jacket is made of, you should start doing your research. Just take 10 minutes of your whole 24 hours to read on some articles that breaks down all the materials for biker jacket.

Basically, from my own eyes, there are 4 different materials that forms a biker jacket which are leather, faux leather a.k.a vegan leather, suede & faux suede. Understanding these materials will give you a clear understanding on which types of materials that you want to find and buy.

For Leather & Faux Leather, it looks the same but the longevity of faux leather might be shorter compared to genuine leather. Other than that, the price point of which differ both material apart from each other. A faux leather tends to be more cheaper & affordable compared to genuine leather as it sometimes turn out to be costly. After all, there's no huge differences in the designs of both types of leather. 

For Suede & Faux Suede, it looks the same. That's it. Suede and Faux suede tends to have the same texture but the huge difference is in its price point. A faux suede falls in the mid-tier price point while sometimes a genuine suede might fall between the mid-tier and high-tier price points. The main concern is on taking care of the suede itself. Suede is very delicate material so there's a lot of care needed.

The Fit

There are a lot of fits in the fashion industry. From skinny fit to oversized, you name it, there will be one that floats your boat.

As for biker jacket, there are a lot of fits that caters a lot of market. There are more slim fitting biker jacket that markets towards the more muscular person, regular fit for everyone to wear and oversized fit that caters to those who follows the trends.

When trying on a biker jacket, make sure to have some room for you to breathe especially when everything is zipped up. You don't want to feel suffocated while wearing a biker jacket, do you?

Where to Purchase?

This is simple, basically everywhere. You can go from fast fashion to high end or luxury. It really depends on your budget or your preference. 

For fast fashion, basically from H&M to Zara, there will be a biker jacket that will catch your eyes. It depends on your budget thoroughly. If you are just starting to venture into buying a biker jacket, I'd suggest you to buy from Zara as their faux leather biker jacket is impeccably amazing. The quality, the fit and the price fits everything in general. The quality feels luxurious while the price falls in the mid-tier price point. 

For High End or Luxury, this gets tricky. As you might know, Luxury brands tends to have seasonal collection thus making you purchase a seasonal item rather than a permanent one. Not that it's bad, no, it's good unless if you don't wanna get caught up with trends, then permanent collection feels more rather convincing. You can try go for Acne Studios biker jacket or if you're free from any budget, go for Saint Laurent biker jacket that is in the permanent collection. 

What I Wore
Sunglasses Brands Outlet
Rollneck Sweatshirt Uniqlo
Suede Biker Jacket PULL&BEAR
Skinny Biker Jeans Zara
Sneakers Kenzo 'Sonic' 

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