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How I Spend My 'Me' Time

Photography by Ayna Balqis

I've been away from blogging for quite a few weeks. I can safely say that I am now excited to write a lot more articles despite the fact that my finals are in 2 weeks time & there are a lot of assignments to finish before the study week. Within all of these hectic schedule which mostly I didn't follow, I always manage to find my alone time where I spend doing things that I love.

Reading Blogs

I spend most of my alone time reading blogs. This gives me more inspirations and idea to expand my creative thinking. Reading blogs makes me experiment different writing skills, different presentation of pictures in my articles, different perspective of life in general and most important of all, I get to experience other experiences just through reading.

Scrolling through Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best social medias for me to inhale inspirations. There are a lot of things in Pinterest that most people overlooked. For instance, outfit ideas can be found a lot in Pinterest. Photography ideas, editing ideas, tell me something that you would like to know and believe me, Pinterest have it all. I pin most of my outfit ideas in my Pinterest because I see it as a virtual mood board where I don't have to pin a real picture onto a real mood board.

Sheet Masks

When I am alone, I often apply sheet masks on my face while reading blogs or scrolling through Pinterest. In my opinion, this helps me to moisturise and fix my skin while enjoying blogs and pictures in Pinterest. Sheet masks are easy to apply and it helps me to relax while experiencing a somewhat luxurious 'spa-like' masks just at home.

Listening to Music

I am a music junkie. I am not myself if my earpods are not on my ears. Believe me, I almost went all crazy when I left my earpods at home when I went out to run some errands. Probably not all of you guys know what I really listen to. Well, my favourite of all is Demi Lovato. I've been listening and loving her since her days in Camp Rock. Despite my love towards her, I do listen to some other artists such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion is LIT! - , Panic! At The Disco and some other small bands that probably you don't even know. Anyways, during my alone time, I listen to almost any upbeat songs that'll lift my mood and makes me happy.

Out for Window Shopping

Believe it or not, window shopping is quite therapeutic. At least for me. Window shopping allows me to experiment different styles - if we're talking about clothes - without actually buying the items. This can help me to navigate through my ever evolving styles. Sometimes I just love going out alone so that it will be stress-free from the reality. Apart from that, window shopping opens a lot of doors to new things that you'd never expected to see.

What I Wore
Sunglasses Brands Outlet
White Tee Uniqlo
Bomber Jacket Zara
Pink Flannel Shirt Cotton On
Biker Jeans Zara
Sneakers Kenzo 'Sonic' Sneakers

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