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4 Favourites From H&M x Kenzo

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Earlier this year, I've made a blog post about who to expect for this year's H&M Collaboration. In that blog post, none of my forecast were met but the styles that I forecast truly met. 

Somewhere in May 2016, H&M announce that they're collaborating with Kenzo, a brand that holds one of the daring designs that is not everyone's cup of tea. 

Just a few days ago, H&M has release the official clothing pieces that will be available for the collaboration. As usual, I'll list down my top 4 favourites from the limited edition collection.

Courtesy of H&M x Kenzo Collection

Kenzo x H&M Sweatshirt

Just like any other collections, I'd always hunt for something basic or as I call it as an essential. Since Kenzo is proudly known with their over the top prints and their signature bold and eccentric colours in their runway shoes, I tried finding something that stand under the radar. This sweatshirt definitely meets my personality. It's basic, bold but yet classic.

How Would I Wear It ?

According to my own personal style, I'd wear this sweatshirt in two ways. To dress this up, I'd wear a white shirt underneath the sweatshirt with a grey trousers. As for the footwear, I'd wear a chunky sole shoes that lay low since my main attraction is the sweatshirt. To dress it down, I'd wear a mustard yellow turtleneck underneath the sweatshirt and put on my leather jacket. A black leather boots would be a good choice as a footwear whilst a skinny leather trouser with a biker detailing on the knee is a perfect match for the outfit.

Tiger Printed T-shirt in Red

Red has always been my colour. Since when? Since forever obviously. When I first saw this t-shirt, I fell in love instantly. It's hard for me to find an animal printed tshirt in the high street brands since everything that they manufacture are basically giraffe prints or leopard prints which are somewhat boring in my personal opinion. This tshirt can be a basic start up kit for those who are still afraid to wear bold and eccentric designs from Kenzo. 

How Would I Wear It?

This is definitely for a casual wear. I'd wear my burgundy biker jacket that I have in my closet with a good pair of ventablack skinny jeans (I wish this ventablack jeans exists though). You get my point. Or maybe I'd wear a good pair of black culottes with a black sneakers.

Reversible Bomber Jacket

Looks like I am into the bomber jacket bandwagon after all even though I only own a pair of bomber jacket. I doubted when I first saw these, I mean, reversible? Really? But after I give a lot of thoughts into styling it, I really and truly believe that this jacket is a good investment piece especially when you can get a lot of different looks based on one clothing article. The neon green abstract print on this bomber jacket is definitely the main attraction. 

How Would I Wear It ?

Imagine this, one jacket can give you 2 different looks. Just imagine if you have approximately 5 different outfits based on this bomber jacket, double it because this bomber jacket can be worn reversible, both plain navy blue side and also the neon green abstract print. I would wear just a simple black t-shirt underneath this jacket while donning a black slim fitted jeans along with a black leather shoe. To spice tings up, I'll add on a good wallet that chains onto my jean's belt loop. 

Printed Jeans

For someone who wants to go slow with prints, you can start adding this into your collection. To me, the subtle yet bold prints on the jeans makes it unique and distinctive. This is also a staple piece from the whole H&M x Kenzo collection. 

How I Would Wear It ?

This is the simplest yet bold outfit. I'll wear my plain white tee underneath a black biker jacket. Then, I'd wear a minimal-looking belt over this pair of jeans with a simple white sneakers. This is the most easiest look, it's simplistic yet bold and daring.

H&M x Kenzo Collection will be available worldwide on 3rd November 2016 in selected H&M stores. For Malaysians, this collection will be available in H&M Avenue K on 3rd November.

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