Friday, 18 November 2016 Ipoh , Malaysia

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Photography by Ayna Balqis

It has been a month since I did a shoot for my blog. Thank god today I finally have the time to shoot an outfit that I've been curating for a few weeks prior to this shoot.

For this look, it was inspired by Lizzy Hadfield's latest purchase of a Burgundy Leather Jacket from Celine. I was watching her video on Youtube about her purchase from Vestiare Collective. The moment I saw the jacket, it struck me - When was the last time I wore my burgundy biker jacket that I bought from Zara ??

I walked to my wardrobe and took the jacket out. Hanged it on my coat rack and left it there for a few days until I found a perfect combination of clothes to wear with the jacket. Honestly, it took me a few weeks to sort this look out because I was so busy with my part time job.

As I was informed about my day off from work, I quickly texted my sister - since she's going to be shooting the look.

Each time I lay my hands on this biker jacket, I remembered how I used to love this jacket. It is so soft and buttery. I feels comfortable when I'm in it - as if it was made for me.

When I first saw this jacket, I never thought a burgundy jacket would be my thing until I tried it on, I never wanted to leave the store without it. Believe it or not, I always gravitate towards this jacket compared to my other jackets - I don't know why tbh.

Looking back, I never regretted purchasing this jacket despite its bold, dark burgundy colour. In my opinion, the dark burgundy colour reflects the darker and grungier side of me.

This time, I decided to play with contrasting colours. Yes, it is damn hot in Malaysia but the sole purpose of me wearing the rollneck sweatshirt was because I love how comfortable it is. I totally understand why most people living in colder countries love to snuggle in a comfy rollneck sweatshirt because it makes you feel like you're at home in your bed while you are actually not - if that makes any sense.

If you notice, a hint of burgundy pops out in between the hem of my jeans and my Derby shoes. That's just how I love giving hints of colours in my outfit. Maybe some of you didn't notice but that's a tip for you to slowly build your confidence in wearing colours that won't scare people away from you.

Remember I wrote about how music influences my outfit? Well, if you're wondering what I listened before I went out with this outfit, the 3 songs I listened were Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS, Why So Lonely by Wonder Girls and R.I.P 2 My Youth by The NBHD.

Starting from this blog post and onwards, I will insert the songs I listen before I went out with the particular outfit. I want you guys to know how my outfits were inspired and hope that you're inspired to do the same thing too!

" Confidence will grow. Once it's bloomed, 
you'll feel like a whole new person "

What I Wore
Sunglasses Dior Homme
Rollneck Sweatshirt Uniqlo
Burgundy Biker Jacket Zara
Biker Jeans Zara
Burgundy Socks H&M
Brown Derby Shoes Pedro

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