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How I Deal With Negativity

Photography by Ayna Balqis

As a human being, it is not easy to run away from negativity in any such forms. For the past few years, I have been dealing with negative comments from people around me and I realise that some negative comments were meant to lift you up but most of the time, it brings me down.

I have a few tips on how to deal with negativity that revolves around you.


As easy as it sounds, it is harder than we all thought. I used to get teased by my friends because I have this quite a feminine voice. There was this one time that a female friend of mine told me that I was different because of my 'soft' voice. Y'know what I did? I smiled. As simple as that. 

When you're smiling, you're producing positive energy that repels away all the negativity that surrounds you. Most of the time when you smile, you'll feel happier and at peace. No matter what kinds of negativity is thrown at you, KEEP ON SMILING.


This is easy but it takes a lot of guts to even say it out loud. If you didn't know, I love to go back and forth to Kuala Lumpur just to attend events or even to do some small shopping - yeah right Eyman. All these travelling can make me flip from being all positive to negative in a blink of an eye. In order for me to stay positive or to chase the negativity away, I observe people around me at that moment and give them random compliments.

I remember this one day, I was at Pavillion KL and I was being all grumpy because my debit card couldn't work, I sat down on a bench outside and observed people that passed by in front me. There was this guy wearing a cool trainers, I got up and simply told him that his trainers looked dope. What happened next? He smiled and thanked me. This lift my spirit, if not, my mood up. 

Complimenting strangers might sound creepy in other perspective but it's worth a try. It projects a good and positive habit. Hey, you made that girl smiled when you tell her that her bag looks cool.


This is pretty basic to preserve the positivity within yourself. Whenever I feel down or someone made a negative connotations about me, I quickly plug in my earpods and scroll down my music playlist for an uplifting song. 

A good song can uplift your emotion right after the singer sang the last lyrics of the song. It preserves and grow the positivity within you. My advice would be to start curating a playlist consist of uplifting songs that you'd listen to. This will be easier for you when you feel down, you can quickly scroll down to the playlist and just listen. Or maybe you can play one particular song and put it on repeat. Whatever floats your boat, do it.

These are just some of the ways that I usually gravitated towards on doing while dealing with negativity that surrounds me. Remember, a ship can never sink unless you let water inside which means that you can never break down unless you let the negativity empower you from within.

What I Wore
Glasses Thrifted
Pink Flannel Cotton On
Pink T-Shirt Topman
Watch Seiko
Black Biker Jeans Zara
Sneakers Kenzo

Song Inspiration for this outfit - Very Nice by Seventeen


  1. Love this write up,it was inspiring/motivational. You rocked the pink ensemble,it suits you

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