Wednesday, 9 November 2016 Ipoh, Malaysia

How Music Affects My Style

Photography by Ayna Balqis

" paradise in your eyes
green like American money "

Earpods will always stuck in my ears, believe it or not. Among 7 of my previous house mates, I was the only person who'll plugged in my earpods and listen to songs all the time. Back then, my favourites would be Demi Lovato and I'd always tune in to her songs every day. Now, my music choice varies to situations. I can't really explain how or why because it is somewhat complicated but to make things short, one way I resonate my feelings with music is the way I style myself before I go out from my house.

As for this post, I listened to Miracle Aligner by The Last Shadow Puppets. It was a song recommendation from a friend of mine. I started listening to the song and I kinda get this Saint Laurent aesthetic. The guitar chords is just so soothing to listen to. The effortless pronunciation of each words sang by them reminds me of the 80's and 90's.

Not only that, I did listened to American Money by Borns and believe it or not, I really love this song. Basically, this song was recommended, also, by a friend of mine. I started watching the music video for this song and I was speechless. The voice that Garrett Borns has is just melancholic. 

In different days, I'll just wear all the basics that I have but most of the time, I'll play some songs in my iTunes while I am getting ready. Somehow, it affects me in styling myself before I go out. Common comments I'd always get when I wore my biker jacket would be " Have you been listening to Demi a lot lately? Or maybe Lana ? " or even " so, let me guess, the song you listen has the Saint Laurent aesthetics ? " - this is true though.

What I Wore

Viscose Printed Shirt Thrifted
Roll Neck Sweatshirt Uniqlo
Biker Jeans Zara
Sneakers Reebok Classic Leather
Sunglasses Brands Outlet

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