Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 : All In One

It has been 3 weeks since I bought this Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Sneakers or the Oversized sneakers - that's what I call them. I guess it is safe to say that I can give you guys a proper review on this sneakers - maybe you want to buy them or maybe not. Who knows?

As you can see, this sneaker has an oversized sole which gives it a creeper-sneaker hybrid silhouette. For this particular pair, this pair was from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. If you ever go into Alexander McQueen's website, you'll get to see that they produces different variation of oversized sneakers that ranges from low-top to high-top, from basic generic colours to studded pair, they definitely have a lot of varieties of sneakers that you can choose from.


When I first tried it on my feet, I realised that staying true-to-size fits one size bigger than my actual size. As you can see from the inside of the sneaker, they provide an indicator for the size of the sneakers which mine happen to be EUR42 - which is one size smaller than my size, EUR43.

Before I made the purchase, I did some research on these sneakers and most of the sneakerheads who have bought these sneakers told that I have go for one size smaller than my size thus EUR42 makes so much sense for me.

Upon trying these footwear in the Alexander McQueen boutique located in KLCC, I believe that size EUR42 is the best choice. Yes, these sneakers fits one size large to it's better for you to go one size down upon trying out.

To make everything more comfortable, I'd suggest you to wear thick socks while walking in these shoes.


When it comes to designer shoes, I tend to look for something that's minimal. In another word, I don't like my shoes to be too exaggerated with branding.

What I like about these is that there are only 4 places where they put their Alexander McQueen branding which are at the tongue of the shoes, at the back tab, at the insole of the sneakers and also at the bottom sole of the sneakers.

When I wore it, I don't like people to compliment my shoes because of the brand; I like it when people compliment the shoes regardless of the brand name.

The branding on this particular pair is in faded gold stamp at the tongue and the back tab while in the insoles and the bottom of the outer soles, it is embossed within the leather.


This pair of sneakers are made from calf leather and I can say that when I first wore it, it hurts a lil' bit but like they say - fashion is pain.

Everything except for the laces and the outer soles are made out of leather which for me meets the quality of a designer shoe.

Unbelievably, the toe box doesn't crease at all up till today.

The laces are very thick and it gives a good additional touch to the sneakers as it is an oversized sneakers.


The price starts at RM2390 for the permanent collection which consist of 2 colours; full white with black at the back tab and full black with white at the back tab.

The price increases depending on which kind of sneakers you'd like to buy.

You can check out the list of sneakers available on Farfetch , MrPorter , MatchesFashion & Ssense.

What Do You Get Upon Purchasing ?

A paper bag with Alexander McQueen branding on it
A shoe box.
A pair of shoes wrapped in plastic bags; one plastic bag each foot.
Tissue papers with zebra stripes which covers the shoes.
A dust bag for the shoes.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Sneakers

Photography by Fudogasm

Friday, 23 December 2016 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia


Photography by Ayna Balqis

Sunday, 11 December 2016 Kampar , Malaysia

Balanced Monochrome


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