Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 : All In One

31st December 2016 marks the last day for the year 2016. This past year, I went through a lot; difficult situations and some comforting ones.

For 2016, I am grateful to experience all of what I went through because it has made me who I am today. This year alone, I have achieved something that I wouldn't thought I would.

1. I hit 1,000 followers for my Instagram and at the same time, my blog hit 15,000 reads in a year. I know it's not a lot but it is something rather than nothing.

2. I won a competition that allows me to connect with more international bloggers. It is good to meet a person who's like-minded and is willing to talk to me every day without fail. Not only that, I get to choose my prize for the competition. Thus, there goes my Kenzo sneakers. Here's the winning blog post.

3. I got featured in a local Malaysian magazine under the OOTD section which I am somewhat proud of. I never thought someone - or in this case, some publishing media - notices my Instagram ootds. 

4. I am grateful to have experience one of the most luxurious services when I was at Dior Homme KLCC. It was a good experience and up till now, I am still in contact with the sales associates there.

5. I bought my first ever designer sneakers using my own savings and it is truly a great pleasure. Read about its review here.

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6. I am grateful to have a positive circle of friends that surrounds me. They never fail to entertain me and they were there during both ups and downs throughout 2016. I could never wish for more. 

7. I am happy with my decision of weeding out negative bunch of friends that were here for benefits. Believe me, I am happy to not have any entanglement around negative-minded people.

8. I am grateful that I manage to manage my own finances despite spending a lot of cash on clothes. The trick is to save a portion of my weekly budget and just live for the whole week with the remaining portion. Thank god, I am still surviving.

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9. Earlier this year, one of my Instagram post was chosen as two of the best Instagram Picture of the month for the AugustMan Malaysia magazine. I am happy that someone appreciates all the hard work on producing a great image.

10. I still couldn't believe that I am going to end my 20s soon. I feel old already. Not only that, Blankologie will turn 2 in 2017 and I am going to reward myself for that.

Those are the 10 things I couldn't believe that I have achieved in 2016. I can't wait to experience 2017. I know it's gonna be a tough one -  I mean, when does it ever gets easier? 

Apart from all of that, I've started to venture into some things that I didn't expect. I realised for the past few times I've been into KLCC and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, I started entering Saint Laurent & Gucci a lot more. I know, it's far beyond my budget but I just love the idea of having a good time at a good boutique.

First of all, I am a fan of Saint Laurent when Hedi Slimane was their Creative Director. Now, I'm wondering how everything will go with Saint Laurent since Anthony Vacarello took over Hedi's crown. On the other side of the note, I have started to gain interest in designer shoe because they are just somewhat rare. I am shocked that I am in love with Gucci - which is a brand I've never thought I love.

All I can say is that for you to stay tuned for 2017. I believe that I will splurge somewhere in 2017 for my next designer item. Keep waiting.

My love towards biker jacket has started to fade; good thing is that I am out and about for a new style to try, bad thing is that I won't be wearing my biker jacket a lot more often. I remembered in 2016 itself, I bought myself three, I repeat, THREE different biker jackets. I'm lying to you guys if I say I won't buy a new one because I know I do but I can safe to say that it won't be somewhere in the nearest future. I want to save up for something that I'll really appreciate in life.

I know, I'll miss my iconic red biker jacket - sometimes it's burgundy, it's just the way how I edit these pictures.

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I've been spending my time reading a lot. Well, at least I'm reading a magazine. I just love the idea of me laying on my bed, keeping myself cozy while flipping through each pages of editorial shoots in any fashion magazine - menswear fashion magazine specifically.

Reading magazine have helped with my creative process. It makes me think about the way I want my pictures to be taken, the way I write my article every time I have a shoot for an outfit. It opens up my eyes to a lot more creativity process within myself which in a way, helped me to be more decisive with my outfit before I go out for a shoot.

What else did I learnt in 2016?

I guess there are a lot of things I learnt without me realising. After all, all that matters for me right now is I appreciate every single things that happened and anticipate for what will happen in the future.

How about you? What did you learnt throughout 2016?



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