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I had a conversation with my best friend about choices

Choices; it revolves around every decision. I always believe that before each decision that we make, we make our list of options and the act of choosing a particular option before pursuing the big decision is making a choice. 

We're given a lot of choices; either we get it through third party's opinion or we create our own list of choices. I find it very amusing that some people didn't realise that they have the power to make a choice before making any decision.

I mean, you have a choice to either purchase that Gucci belt that you've been eyeing or to save up some more cash so that you could purchase the Loewe sneakers that you've left it in the shopping cart for a few months. 

I agree that each and every choice that we choose before proceeding with the decision comes with consequences. That's why you always have to be prepared with all the consequences that might come later on in life.

For instance, you chose to wait for the T-Rex sweatshirt that you saw in Saint Laurent to go on sale before you purchase it. The consequences ? Well, that sweatshirt might be available during the seasonal sale but they might not have it in your size; or they might not have it at all.

You have to learn to accept all the possible consequences that will happen due to your choice because it is inevitable. You can't turn back time to fix it. Let's face it, you're not The Flash that you can just run back in time to fix the mistake that you did - even if you do, you still have to face the consequences that you might alter your own future.

Acceptance is a phase that you'll realise that you have to be careful before making any temporary decision that might alter your permanent future. When you begin to accept those consequences you're facing, you'll begin to be more precise before pursuing the choice that you've list out - because you don't want to repeat the same mistake again.

Having a choice is a beautiful thing if you look at it at a different perspective. Whatever it's worth for, you always have to appreciate all the choices that you've made because at the end of the day, it's either you learn from your previous choices or you're going to appreciate the choices you've made because it got you to where you are now.

My advice is to always have a choice and never think negatively just because you've made a bad choice.

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