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6 Tips On Purchasing Your First Designer Sneaker

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Designer sneakers are sneakers that not many people find it intriguing to wear. For me personally, not all designer sneakers meet my style but some of it do grow in me. Some people just want to have something that not everyone will buy. It makes them feel unique and I felt that too. This time, I'll provide you tips on purchasing your first designer sneaker.


The design plays a huge role in choosing the first designer sneaker. I do not recommend for you to purchase seasonal designs - unless if you've been dying to buy it, then go for it. For me, a seasonal sneakers might be hot this season but not entirely for the next season. Try to look into the permanent collection. 

When it comes to designer sneakers in general, try to buy a sneaker that really speaks to you. Try to find a sneaker that is unique which represents the brand itself. For instance, Gucci Ace sneakers have their signature green-red stripes which holds the DNA of the brand. 

It's really up to you on choosing the design of the sneakers. 


When choosing your first designer sneakers, stick to neutral colour such as white, black, grey and brown. These colour helps to tie in any kinds of outfit, thus it will be an all-rounder sneakers. You won't have any problem in mixing and matching your sneakers to your outfit.

The colour of the sneaker plays a huge role on your personality especially when it's your first designer sneaker. You have to make sure that your purchase will fit into all other possible everyday outfit.

As for me, I prefer to either buy a white sneaker or a black one. Nothing in between. Why Black or White? Well, it's because both of these colours fits perfectly for every outfit that I would wear.

 Fit Your Style

What kind of sneakers do you wear often? High top? Low Top? That's the question that you should ask yourself before you make any decision on buying a designer sneaker. If you're the type of person who wear low top sneakers all the time, then go out and search for a low top designer sneakers. 

When purchasing your first designer footwear, keep in mind that it's gonna be something that you're gonna wear for quite some time. Make sure that what you're gonna buy really meets your style. Don't go out and purchase that Balenciaga Arena High top sneaker if you wear low top every single day.

Meet Your Budget

There's no point of going into Loewe if their sneakers exceeds your budget. When you have a certain amount of budget to spend on sneakers, find any pairs that meets your budget. You have to understand that sometimes a $250 sneaker from Coach looks better on you rather than that $550 sneaker that you saw in Lanvin. 

There are sneakers out there that is within the designer category but it's still affordable. You can look at Coach, Filling Pieces, Adidas Y-3 & Adidas Raf Simons and many others. Sometimes the big brands - such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Buscemi and others - might give you an X Factor but at the end of the day, if you think it's not worth it despite the price tag, it won't be worth it for you.

When I purchased my Alexander McQueen sneakers, I did a lot of consideration on whether it fits my budget or not and after about 4 months, I decided to take the plunge and purchase because I think it's worth it. You have to know that when I purchased it, the sneaker still exceeded my budget.

Do Your Research
This is important especially when you're gonna buy your first ever designer sneaker. Why? Take an example; you saw this cool looking sneakers in the Saint Laurent website and you straight away purchase it without understanding the sizing chart, customer's review and other helpful information. Chances are, you will probably not gonna like the sneakers that you've purchased.

Before you jump into the 'designer shoe' bandwagon, make sure to do your research. You are going to purchase your first ever designer sneaker and you want to make sure that you're not gonna regret the decision you've made after you've submit the payment. 
In the internet, there are a lot of information regarding most of the designer sneaker; be it the sneaker of the season or not, there are some blogs putting up reviews and opinion on a particular sneaker. You just have to go into Google and search for all possible info. This will help you filter out the sneakers that you might think you like it but you actually don't.

Try It In-Store

You want to buy the Adidas Stan Smith designed by Raf Simons but you don't know how it will look on you; best thing to do is for you to go in store and try it for yourself. You won't spend any penny on trying. 

Trying out the sneaker in store will help you determine the size of the sneaker for your feet, list out options of colours that meets your style & discover other sneakers that might divulge your interest. The possibilities are endless.

Do you think I purchased my sneakers without even trying it in store? Of course I didn't. Here's a secret that I told no one except for my best friend; I went into Alexander McQueen boutique for more than 10 times before I even purchase. It took me a long time because I want to make sure that the sneaker I buy is the one.

Thank god it is.

My advice is, best for you to try it in store before you buy. 

I hope that all the tips above helps you on purchasing your first ever designer sneakers. It is not easy for me too, believe me. I went through a lot of hassle just to get choose the perfect one for me. Whatever it is, you will gonna like your first designer sneakers if you follow my tips. 

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