Monday, 30 January 2017 Ipoh , Malaysia

Hint of Luxe

In the beginning of 2017, I told myself to try and challenge myself with other styles. This means that I have to stop - not entirely stop, probably take a step back - wearing biker jacket. I know, I know, biker jacket has been the essence of my style throughout this blog. As I was getting myself ready to run some errands, I run my finger through all the clothes I have in my wardrobe. Clearly I still have a lot of mixing & matching to do. 

The weather was cloudy as rain stopped pouring - which is a good time to go and run my errands. Why do I need to dress up just to run some errands? So I took my plain black tee with my black skinny jeans and wore them. 

Hmm, I need a jacket - other than my biker jacket, durh - to wear so I took out some jacket that I have and my eyes quickly caught this denim jacket and I thought - I miss this jacket, I used to love it so why not wear it again...?

Before I stepped out from my room, I need something that can tie the outfit as a whole. Yes, I need an accessory to fit into my outfit. Without thinking, I took out my belt and wear it. 

Ah yes, the shoes. I remembered that I rarely wear my Jodphur boots so it's a good time to snug my feet into it even though it's a risk - well, the rain stopped so there are puddles while my boots are suede, get it? 

Anyhow, it's good weather to run errands.

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