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How I Shop + Tips

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 I bet most of you wonder - how in the world do these fashion bloggers buy stuff ? Well, it really depends on whom you're talking about. Believe me, I rarely shop. Okay, fine. I do shop often but it depends on the items that I'm going to buy. In some rare cases, I buy clothes in their full price but most of the time, I buy my clothes during sale season - side note : this is how I spend my money 'wisely'.


Who doesn't love buying clothes during sales? Yes, you'll save a lot of money due to the price reduction. During sales, I choose the clothes that I don't really have in my wardrobe. This will help me to plan my purchase according to what I need rather than what I want. Yes, it is overwhelming looking at the price after the reduction but that's what sales are for - to make you purchase.

Tip : Keep track of time on your favorite brand's sale season. For instance, Zara has their sales bianually and it started somewhere in June and December. This will help you to apportion your money - or save your money in some cases - to buy the clothes you want. 


Some people lust for designer goods and so do I. Before I continue, I did not come from wealthy family who buy designer item every weekend. For big purchases like designer shoes, handbags and any other generic designer goods, I specifically save my money for it. I receive weekly budget from my parents and I apportion my money accordingly. Sometimes, I do a small part time jobs during my semester break and use the salary to buy the things that I want. Currently, I am saving up for another big purchase. I will only purchase designer goods if I know I will get a good use out of it. I will never ever buy any stuff with the intention of reselling it later.

Tip : Do your research for the designated luxury goods you're lusting. Compare prices in different websites for the same item. This will help you save some portion of your cash.


This might be a shock to some - because my 'essentials' are different from others - but yes, most of my full price items are essentials items such as basic tees, black jeans, sneakers and etc. I experiment a lot in finding a good essential item from a particular brand. For instance, most of my t-shirts are from Uniqlo because I feel comfortable in it - and it's affordable

Tip : Determine what are your essential items and purchase them. Essentials are your everyday wear so having them in a few different colour or designs will help you to keep your clothes-rotation going around.


Yes, I do buy skincare products and most of them are just drug store. I don't tend to spend a lot on skincare because I am still searching for a good skincare product for my face. I am a loyal customer of Watsons and I do get a lot of coupon. I utilise these coupon to purchase my body and skin care products.

Tip : Find any products that works for your skin and stick to it. Utilise in-store sales to purchase the products you use. You can experiment new products on your skin but if you have a sensitive skin, it is suggested to stick to the products that works for your skin the best. This will help you save time and money.


If you see some fashion bloggers flaunting their designer piece in photoshoots or blog posts, sometimes they purchase the item from a preloved market or consignment shops. These shops often offer price below the original price because, well, it's preloved items. But worry not, you might stumble upon unused luxury goods whilst searching for your desired item. For instance, my Dior Homme sunnies were purchased from a preloved market for a very good deal. Sometimes you don't have to spend thousands upon thousands to own luxury goods.

Tip : Find a trusted preloved market websites such as Vestiaire Collective, Grailed, Depop and Carousell. These websites will definitely help you to find your desired luxury goods. That's how I got mine.

That's basically how I shop for my clothes and skincare products. I hope those tips will help you to filter down the things you want to buy. Tell me, how do you guys shop? Tell me in the comment section down below.

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