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uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence

It's a word describe the flaws appear in oneself and try to hide it away. Everyone is guilty of this. Whether you're the most influential person on earth or you're a person who thinks you have no flaws, each and every one of us have our own insecurities. Insecurities holds no value but everyone bought it without conscious until the realisation point. The realisation point is the point which you have to decide whether to embrace it or to hide it. Nothing in between.

Insecurity, a very subjective word that holds a person's darkest secret that most often masked it with a false representation of oneself. It can appear in any such form; be it physically, mentally.

It is debatable that insecurity can be altered. In different perspectives, it pays a huge price to alter it but there will always be another path to alter it. Alteration for insecurities ? Is that even possible ? You have to understand what insecurity really is. As I've said, it appear in many forms. It depends on which kinds of insecurities of which if it is a physical attributes, it can be altered but if otherwise, I 'm afraid not.

Although it can be altered with some form of monetary value, there's another road that one can lead; confidence. I believe I have some of physical attributes that may cause the insecurities to grow within me but I chose to build a road of my own to embrace it. It might take a long time to walk down the road but it's worth a journey.

Since the beginning, I was never the person who appreciates all these insecurities that I think I have but rather I punish myself just because I solely have these attributes. I often look at other people and wish that I was that person but I never once envision myself in their shoes. 

"You only see someone's limelight but never their behind-the-scenes"

I believe it is true. Most of us only tend to look at everyone's highlight of their life rather than really understand a person's hardship in order to get them where they are right now. This is where our insecurities place us; door of choice.

Option 1 : Open the door, face the insecurities and change yourself.
Option 2 : Never intend to open the door. Ignore everything.

Nothing in between.

The choice is yours to make. Insecurities will always be the shadow that follows you wherever you go but never let it consume you. Dealing with it will always be a daily struggle but turning your insecurities as a fuel to achieve a positive future is what makes you different from others. 

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