Saturday, 4 February 2017 Ipoh , Malaysia

Suède de Paris

♫ Song of The Day ♪ - Paris by The Chainsmokers

You know my hair is a mess when I keep on adjusting my hair in 4 out of 9 pictures * insert laughing emoji *

Inspired by the Parisian aesthetic, I combined textures and colors in my outfit ensemble. Elusive and structured are incorporated together as it resembles the essence in a Parisian man. The soft texture of the suede biker jacket is the key piece to focus in my outfit. It reminds me of the softness of each words spoken by a Parisian. Try saying couture in French, it has a subtle soft breath each time you pronounce it.

I'm pretty sure that turtleneck is an essential for a Parisian men when it comes to styling themselves. Well, maybe that's why I wore the turtleneck - despite the fact that I was sick. Turtleneck gives a sense of security to the one who don em'. It builds a character for a man, showing the world that they're charismatic - just like Parisian men.

When you think of Paris, you'd be reminded by how luxurious everything feels. The air, the scene, the food; everything seems like it's been crafted to be luxurious even though it's not. A touch of luxe in a man's outfit will grant them confidence.

I'm always amused with how some people love to wear outfit outside of their body type. Clearly the white jeans doesn't flatter my figure but that's not personal style is all about; it's about having fun with everything you have - just like how you had fun eating a baguette while inhaling the breeze of Parisian air.

A good pair of suede boots is just enough to tie the outfit together. Matching the texture of the jacket along with the texture of the boots is just a perfect match. Not only that, it coordinates the color of your outfit together as a whole.

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