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What I Learned Being Single

I was hanging out with my friends and one of the big topic during our small talk was relationships. We talked about how each and every one of us encounter different problems regarding the matter. One of them talked about how he sometimes couldn't translate his girlfriend's behavior while my other friend talked about how she balance her academia life with her relationship and all other relating matter.

While I was driving back home, it got me thinking " I have been single for almost 2 years. What do I learn ? "

There are a lot of things that I learned throughout being single. Let me break it down to you the major lessons I've gained through this.

Becoming More Independent 

I have begin to realise that I am more independent than I used to be. I'm not saying that when I was in a relationship I was not feeling independent, no, that's totally besides the point. I was independent but I become more independent afterwards. I am not attached to anyone's feelings and emotions which makes me less cautious. Yes, I do take into account on the feelings of people around me but not as much as how when I was in a relationship.

When I was in one, I never really focus on what I really want but instead I kept on giving my partner what they don't need. I guess if not because of the breakups and heartbreaks, I won't be able to be here and share my personal journey with you.

Able To Pull Myself From Unnecessary Drama

This is what I realised the most. When I was in a relationship, I used to get caught in a lot of dramas which are truly unnecessary. After ending one, I managed to pull myself from a lot of dramas that occurred around me. These dramas not only ruined my mood but it also increases my stress which led me to lose my focus in my academics. 

Don't get me wrong, being in a relationship and always get caught in unnecessary dramas will make you learn to navigate through the problems to find its solution. For me, I'd rather not spend time sourcing out solutions to solve problems that shouldn't have occured in the first place because time is gold, I could use it to do other beneficial stuff.


Keeping a Small Circle of Friends

I manage to have a small circle of friends. It might not be a relationship where I expect to marry someone in years to come but in a way, I'm having a relationship to each one of my friends where I manage to understand and help them. 

Keeping it in a small circle has helped me to truly share those intricate moments with them without worrying much about people outside of the bubble. It's easier for me to navigate with them and spending time together doing things we appreciate.

Spend More Quality Time Alone

Some people might say that I'm lonely but truth is that being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely. I love spending time with my own self doing stuff that I like. Sometimes when I am tired, I just lay on my bed and listen to some therapeutic songs - by therapeutic, I mean very loud song

I'd do some reading, writing some blog post or just surf the web for inspirations. Believe me, if I didn't spend my time being alone, I won't be able to run my blog. 

Being Able To Chase My Own Dream

Let's cut it short, everyone has their own dreams and it varied to each individuals. What I learned from being single is that I am able to carve my own dream and hustle to achieve it by my own. Yes, I have to take some external factors into account but at the end of the day, all the hardships I go through, I go through it alone and it'll worth my time.

It is okay if you're in a relationship and you have your own dream to achieve. Make sure that your partner fully understand your dream and work together to achieve both you and your partner's dream. 


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  2. Being single can really make a person independent, yes. Hahaha very relatable content, for me.



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