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5 Things I Learned Through Blogging

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Just another 5 months and Blankologie will turn 2 ! I am so happy with all the things that have happened through my blogosphere. Throughout all these months, I am safe to say that I learnt a lot. The beginning was a painful one. I have no clue on maneuvering my blog but look at what it has turned out to be. 

Blankologie documents all my journey ; my style, my experiences, my happiness all in one. My main objective is to bring positivity to everyone who needs it. I remembered back then when I first started my blog, I have no one who supported me and now, I am thankful with the people around me who was and is still here for me.

Have Faith in Everything That I Do

The biggest problem in my life before I started blogging was that I never really put faith in what I do. I did have a youtube channel but I stopped doing it because I didn't have faith in it. 

Since I started blogging, I learned to have faith in everything that I do. I have to admit, when I first start blogging, I always thought that everything will fall into place overnight but no, it didn't. I was this close to quit blogging because I can never see the end result but I didn't. I convince myself that something will come out with all of my effort.

Yes, blogging has made me learn to have faith in everything that I do in life.

Be Consistent & Firm Every Time

If you'd ask me, being consistent in everything that I do is what I've learnt through blogging. This is what I apply into my life too! 

Every time I've prepared a set of pictures for a blog post or I've written a blog post, I am always firm with what I do or write. I realised that when I keep on being consistent and firm with my decisions, I tend to be more positive and that's what drives me to keep on producing good blog posts. 


Staying Positive

I have to admit, it's hard for me to stay positive whenever I'm in a negative bubble. If you think about it, it's up to myself to pop myself outside of that bubble and I've learnt to navigate myself out of those bubble. 

I manage to keep myself positive in any such situation. I remembered when I attended an event, all the people were looking at me from head to toe. I guess that they were judging by the way I dress myself but I don't really mind because I was being myself and I didn't really care what people think of me because all I can think of at that moment was that I am happy with where I am. That's what staying positive does to you, ignore all negativity and focus on what's important.

Staying Authentic

I remembered starting off my blog, I wanted to recreate looks that I've seen on Instagram - or just literally wherever - and post it on my blog. As months passed by, I realised that when I tried to recreate a particular look, I was not being authentic. I'm not saying that recreating look is unoriginal, no, that's besides my point. The point is that I don't get experiment with what I have and show it to you guys.

It has taught me to keep on recycling the same jacket but with different shirts, putting on the same shoe under different jeans and that what makes me feel original. Being authentic is very subjective. It's up to you to define what makes you authentic and stand out among the crowd. For me, wearing the same item in different look is what makes me feel authentic and relevant - because you don't buy clothes every single day and wear it only once, am I right?

Making Friends Around The World

One thing that I love about blogging is that I get to interact with people across the globe. When I started blogging, I have 0 friends that I made through it. As time passes by, I manage to gather some friends that I still talk to until today. 

Blogging has taught me that no matter where you are or what your aesthetics are, you can still interact with other bloggers in the other parts of the world. I have friends that writes about womenswear and she's rocking her styling game. I have friends who works in the industry and still writes in his blog. I just love the fact that we hold no judgment in each other and we accept & respect each other's aesthetic.

P/s : One of my blogger friend will visit me in May so expect a collab from us. Psst... He's from the UK.


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